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  Kyirong, also known as Gyirong or Kyidrong. Meaning Happy town or town of forest valley, which is the new border town between Tibet and Nepal. Before the Earthquake in Nepal, Zhangmu was the border between Nepal and after the Earthquake affects at Zhangmu border, Kyirong border is officially open for both local and Travelers around the wor

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  Sakya town is one of the most important towns in the history of Buddhism in Tibet. Sakya town is located 130 km from Shigatse at an elevation of 4, 400 meters ( 14, 435 ft ) Sa means land and Kya means grey.  Sakya is famous for the Sakya monastery. Founded in the year 1073 by Je Konchok Gyalpo of the Khon clan.  During the 13th centu

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  Darchen or Tarchen is one of the most important towns in the western Tibet Ngari Prefecture, located at an elevation of 4, 500 meters ( 14, 763 ft)  The town was named after the Saga Dawa festival huge prayer flag pole at the Tarboche valley, which is located around 13 km from Darchen.  Darchen town is located around 1300 km from Lhasa

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  Tingri is one of the largest counties in the Shigatse prefecture. They are two Towns named after Tingri.  Gangkar town, which is known as the old Tingri and Shegar town, which is known as the new Tingri.  Tingri county has 13 towns and my town is around 50 km from the Mount Everest base camp, known as Tashizom, meaning auspicious gathe

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  Gyantse is known as one of the most beautiful Tibetan towns in Shigatse region.  Many important monasteries are located in the Gyantse region. They are many legend stories in Gyantse. One of the most beautiful Tibetan woman Nangsa Wobum is also from Gyantse. The best Barley Flour in Tibet is also from the Gyantse region so Gyantse is p

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