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Tibetan Hiphop Pioneer MC Tenzin Since 2003

Music is an essential part of daily life for Tibetans! Many Tibetans can sing without training; the reason may be the fresh, cool water coming straight from the high snow mountains. MC Tenzin, the founder of Tibet Travelers, a local travel agency, pioneered Tibetan Hip-hop music.

Tibetans love music, and our ancestors, Yogis, have a culture of teaching Dharma through Singing Doha Songs. Dramnyen (Tibetan style Guitar), Piwang Yangching (Tibetan style Paino), and Lingbu are necessary Tibetan musical instruments. (Flute)

Photo: MC Tenzin in the Lonely Planet Guide Book.

MC Tenzin Hip-hop Journey

My Hip-hop journey started in 2003 at the Mount Everest North Face base camp. Hip-hop was my only friend when I felt emotional and lonely. Sometimes, I wish to meet my old friends because they are far from Mount Everest base camp, so only Hip-hop kept me on track and Hip-hop is a blessing for me. I used to listen to many Hip-hop artists, including 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Nelly, Ja Rule, Ice Cube, Dr Dre, DMX, The Game, G Unit, Jadakiss, Linkin Park, 2Pac, and Eminem. One of my favorite hit songs was the 2002 hit Dilemma by Nelly feat Kelly, Lose Your Self by Eminem and In Da Club by 50 Cent.

In the year 2003, everyone used a CD player. I can't buy new music CDs at Mount Everest North Face base camp, so I try my best to earn money and pay double or triple the price for Hip-hop CDs from Travelers and Sherpas who used to stay at base camp while traveling, trekking, and climbing the Mount Everest. 

Later, I started writing rhymes in 2005 as a Tour Guide at the oldest local Tibetan tourism agency, FIT Banakshol Office. I still remember one night when I was composing a rhyme about a love story told to me by a random guy I met at Mount Kailash. During that time, there was no electricity in the Mount Kailash area, so I used to put a candle in a small family guest house near the Mapham Yumtso Lake, aka Manasarovar Lake, and write music listening to the beatiful sound of wind outside, which, when I recall, still gives vibes and feels beautiful.

Later, in 2006, I wrote many songs, including Tibetan Hip-hop, One Day, Regret, Wheel of Life, and Tibetan Girl.  Most of my music is available to listen to on YouTube. Promoting peace, happiness, and love through music is my attitude toward Hip-hop music. 

2010 Music Video Album (One Day) 

2010, I was working in a travel agency, China International Shigatse (CITS), as a sales Manager, and the whole earning of the year I have put on the music album, I wrote, produced, and released my music album to the world. I feel delighted that I did something great!

In 2006, Mc Tenzin was interviewed by Lonely Planet Tibet Guidebook Mayhew about nightlife Author Bradley in Tibet; you can find this on page 74 of the Lonely Planet 2010 edition. Thank you for reading my article about my music Journey as Mc Tenzin.

Since 2016, I have been running a Local Tibet Travel Agency.

After working as a sales manager and Tour Guide for nearly 12 years for a local travel agency, I started my travel agency, Tibet Travelers, in 2016. Tibet Travelers rated 100%. It has excellent reviews on Trip Advisor.  Email Tibet Travelers for your journey to Tibet. 

2024 New Song is coming with a Music Video.

After 2019, I started loving listening to Trap Rap from Young Thug and wrote my Chinese version of Surf, and many people loved it on Douyin. The most awaited song for the year 2024 will be my new single, Tibetan Drill Song, with traditional music ( Tibetan name: གངས་ལྗོངས་, Chinese name: 藏, English name: Snowland). I hope you guys will like it. This is my once-in-a-lifetime song to the beautiful world, a gift from my heart.


Music is a beautiful gift that fills our hearts with joy. Hip-hop music, in particular, has the power to bring people together and promote peace and love. I am grateful to have this gift of music within me without even having to learn it. I am here to spread love and positivity through my music. As long as I am alive, May I continue to write and create music that brings happiness to those who hear it. And even after I am gone, May my music continue to touch the hearts of many and bring them joy.

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Written By :Tenzin

Feb 21, 2023


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