Tibetan 4-star Tashinota Kangsang Hotel


Tashinota meaning Auspicious horse, it is one of the best designed local Tibetan owned 4-star hotels located in Lhasa, Tibet

Built around a decade before and it was renovated in the year 2015 and start operating business from 2016

Now Tashinota Hotel is also known as Tashinota Kangsang Hotel. Kangsang means a new house. 



Tashinota hotel is located in the North Lingkor Road 24, near the Ramoche Temple and around 15-20 minutes walk to Jhokang Temple and Potala Palace. 




1.Summit Cafe

Waking up in the morning with a fresh coffee is very important for many western travelers, the good news is one of the best cafe in Lhasa ( Summit Cafe ) which is owned by a westerner is located in the courtyard of Tashinota Kangsang Hotel.


2.Tashinota Kangsang hotel’s restaurant

 located in the courtyard of the hotel, the restaurant has Western, Indian, Nepali, Tibetan and Chinese foods.

3.Courtyard sunshine resting area

At the courtyard, there is a beautiful place to enjoy the sun and fresh air with coffee from summit cafe or food or Tibetan tea from the restaurant, this is one of the favorite places to rest for many travelers.

4.Outside the gate of Tashinota Kangsang hotel, they are many local Tibetan and Chinese food for a lower price as an option.


Reasons to choose the hotel


They are many reasons to choose Tashinota Kangsang hotel, below are a few of the reasons.


1.Tashinota Kangsang is owned by Tibetan people and to preserve the local culture, the best way is to choose Tibetan owned hotels. Why preserve the local culture? The main reason is our world is developing everywhere and it is so rare to see the local culture nowadays so to preserve the local culture means preserving the beauties of our world for future generations. 


2.Tashinota Kangsang hotel is renovated in the year 2016 so rooms are new and clean, even seeing the design at the rooms, walls, and reception can make it sure to see some glimpse beauty of Tibetan culture.

Rooms are designed in Tibetan color with clean room and western bathroom.

Tashinota Kangsang hotel is not located on the main road so making it one of the peaceful hotels for having a great sleep.


Photo: Room of Tashinota Hotel


3.The hotel is located around 5-10 minutes walk from Ramoche temple, making it also the hotel which is in the area of Tibetan quarter and more local people. From Tashinota Kangsang hotel to Jhokang Temple and Bhakor Street will be about 15-20 minutes so it is located in the more local Tibetan area. From Tashinota Kangsang hotel to Potala Palace will be around 15-20 minutes walk so making it also very convenient hotel to reach the Potala Palace. These minutes are according to walking distance but they are many other options as taking cycle man, taxi or bus to this destination in a shorter durations.


Tashinota Kangsang Hotel Trip Advisor Reviews Link https://en.tripadvisor.com.hk/Hotel_Review-g294223-d459789-Reviews-Tashi_Nota_Khangsang_Hotel-Lhasa_Tibet.html


These are few of the information on Tashinota hotel.

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Written By :Tenzin

Jun 22, 2017


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