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Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzin Dhondup has a deep love for Tibetan Yogis. 

Tenzin spends his wintertime visiting monasteries and reading biographies of precious Tibetan Yogis.

Through the blessings of great precious Yogis, may happiness be with all beings and may peace prevails.

To benefits these precious proverbs to the world, today we would like to share a few of the Tibetan proverbs and quotes. 

2018 is a Tibetan year 2145 Earth Dog, let's share some Proverbs and Quotes on Dogs at the beginning.

1. Loyal Dog is more worthy than a Disloyal friend.

2. Don't trust barking Dog and silent Man.

3. Barking Dog never bites, biting Dog no reason to bark.

4. Love Dog one time and Dog will love you ten times.

5. In order to become greater, one must leave the comfort zone.

6. If you understand, everything is Dharma. If you don't understand, even Dharma is evil. ---Jetsun Drukpa Kunley

7. Buddha came first or Dharma? The cause came first or the effect? ---Sakya Jetsun Drakpa Gyentsen

8. No matter how long the river flows, it has to end flow at the ocean. No matter how high the birds fly, it has to come down to the tree. 

9. In the biographies of Jetsun Milarepa, Gold and Stone have no difference.

Photo: Beauties of Jokhang Temple

10. Compassion means no selfishness.

11. If you have compassion, you have everything.

12. To look for what we want in others, our way of love. To look for what others want in one's self, Bodhisattvas way of love. 

13. Don't rush to grow up, you can never go back. 

14. If there is smoke, there is a fire. if there is snow, there is a lake. 

15. Seeing one time with own eye is better than hearing thousands from others.

16. Even though they are many Stars, the moment Sun comes, they cant shine. Even though they are many Scholars, the moment Buddha comes, they can't be known. --- Jetsun Sakya Pandita

These are the Tibet Travelers collection of Tibetan Proverbs and Quotes. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Feb 23, 2018


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