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Today would like to share some short information about Tibetan Yogis. A few years back, I start loving the Yogis of Tibet, they are my ancestors and they are my admiration.

I was reading a biography of Tibetan Yogis starting from Jetsun Milarepa, I would love to call them Maha Siddha, which is known as Druptub Chenpo in the Tibetan Language. 

Maha Guru Rinpoche 

Tibetans do know that the kindness of Maha Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava is beyond the sky. Traveling is part of the Yogis and one of the first Travelers to Tibet is the Great Indian Master Maha Guru Padmasambhava. Guru Rinpoche was born in Lotus, which itself is a teaching. Maha Guru Rinpoche helped to build the Samye monastery, which is known as the first monastery in Tibet. For Tibetans, Maha Guru Rinpoche is considered one of the greatest Tibetan Yogis.

Maha Guru Jetsun Milarepa

Almost all Tibetans agree that one of the most famous biographies of Yogis in Tibet is the biography of Jetsun Milarepa, the reason behind this is the biography of Jetsun Milarepa is like a movie. There is everything, comedy, suspense, revenge, regrets, and success. Jetsun Milarepa is also a Poet and his poems have won the heart of many beings including many wild animals who used to stay near his meditation cave of him.

Maha Guru Jetsun Drakpa Gyeltsen 

Sakyapa is a very beautiful Tibetan Buddhism sect, they are so many great masters from Sakyapa sects including the first Pandit of Tibet Sakya Pandita. Today I would like to share a little information about the teacher of Sakya Pandita, Jetsun Drakpa Gyeltsen, one of my favorite Yogis. Born like a prince having a Palace but left the wealth enjoyment and stayed in retreat for many years and after singing songs like; Buddha came First or the Dharma? The cause came first or the effect? 

Maha Guru Atisha

Another great Indian master whom Tibetans owe a lot is the Maha Guru Atisha, also known as Jowo Je. Maha Guru Atisha has left the Palace and ordained, became one of the best masters of his time in India. When Buddha Tara ( Jetsun Dolma) told that his life will be shorter if he goes Tibet instead of staying in India, he said if I benefit more sentient beings, I am ready to go to Tibet and came to Tibet and benefit many Tibetans, many Tibetans considered him to be one of the Tibetan Yogis.

Maha Guru Tsongkhapa

One of the most famous Tibetan Yogis is Je Tsongkhapa, after traveling all the way from Eastern Tibet to Central Tibet to learn Buddhism with more than 100 teachers and perfected all the teachings. Je Tsongkhapa is known as one of the emanations of Manjushri ( Wisdom Buddha ) because of his great wisdom. 

Above is brief information on Tibetan Yogis from different schools, including Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya, Kadam, and Gelug. We still have a few other beautiful Tibetan sects which are vanishing slowly. 

They are so many great Tibetan Yogis it will take my whole life to write down their precious names and brief info but today for the benefit of sentient beings, with my limited knowledge I choose to write for each sect in short. 

A few names of great Maha Siddhas in Tibet whom I know with my limited knowledge

Je Marpa

Je Dromtonpa

Je Kunga Nyingpo 

Je Taranata

Je Dampa Sangay

Je Kandro Yeshi Tsogyal

Je Machik Lapdron

Je Rechungpa

Je Gompapa

Je Tangtong Gyalpo

Je Drukpa Kunley

Je Phakmo Drupa

Je Go Tsangpa

Je Thogme Sangpo

Je Langri Tangpa

Je Ra Lotsawa

Je Tsang Nyon

Je U Nyon

Je Sakya Pandita

Je Jigme Lingpa

Je Longchenpa

and so many others whom I have no merit to know. May this article on the Tibetan Yogis benefit sentient beings and may this beautiful Tibetan Yogi's culture grows.

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Written By :Tenzin

Jan 30, 2023


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