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Top Ten useful Tibetan Phrases

  Tibetan is one of the richest languages in the world. The origins of the Tibetan language can be traced back to Sanskrit in India during the 7th century. The Tibetan alphabet is composed by the minister Thonmi Sambota during the 33rd King Srongtsen Gampo's time. Even the deep teachings of Buddha are translated very well in Tibetan so that

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Jul 01, 2023  1

Local Travel Agency

  Greetings from Snowland! I am Tenzin Dhondup, also known by the stage name MC Tenzin. I was born near Mount Everest Base Camp.  In 2003 I started my Tourism career in Tibet at the Mount Everest base camp in a tea house opened by our family for 2 years. In the year 2005, I relocated to Lhasa where I became a tour guide for one of the most

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Jul 01, 2023  0

No Gmail, Instagram, & Google

  To make it convenient for Travelers today's article Tibet Travelers would like to share the Apps which are not available to use in Tibet (No Gmail, Instagram, Google, and Facebook) so Travelers can use the suggested Email and Apps for contacting friends and family back home.  Tibet Travelers is using these Apps with the help of software t

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Jul 01, 2023  0

Trip Advisor Reviews

  Tibet Travelers! The local Tibetan Travel Agency in Tibet is Now Ranked at the Number 2# Spot at the largest travel review site The Trip Advisor. We are blessed with 5 Star 100% Excellent reviews from more than 200 Travelers all around the world. Special Thanks go to Travelers for choosing Tibet Travelers. Click the link for Tibet Travelers

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Jun 17, 2023  0

Social Responsibility Project

Updated on 2023 August 5th.  Over the years, Tibet has become a dream travel destination for many Travelers. Travel agencies, Tour Guides, Tour Driver families, Hotels, Restaurant workers, and locals depending on tourism, we would like to thank all the Travelers for traveling to Tibet.  To give some portion of the Tour profit as a Thanksgiving

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May 14, 2023  0

Tibetan Hiphop Pioneer MC Tenzin

  Music is an essential part of daily life for Tibetans! Many Tibetans can sing without any training, the reason behind this may be the fresh cool water coming straight from the high snow mountains. MC Tenzin, the founder of Tibet Travelers local travel agency, is the pioneer of Tibetan Hip-hop music. Tibetans love music and our ancestor Yo

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Feb 21, 2023  0

Tibetan Yogis

  Today would like to share some short information about Tibetan Yogis. A few years back, I start loving the Yogis of Tibet, they are my ancestors and they are my admiration. I was reading a biography of Tibetan Yogis starting from Jetsun Milarepa, I would love to call them Maha Siddha, which is known as Druptub Chenpo in the Tibetan Languag

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Jan 30, 2023  1

Short meditation at a monastery

  A few days ago,  a Monk and two friends of mine, went together to a small monastery near Lhasa named (Sing Bu Ri) The reason for our visit was to offer gold paint on the statue of the Buddha.  One of my friends was a Tour Guide and he met some very devoted Buddhist Travelers who gave some donations. From the donation money, my friend Gui

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Jan 19, 2023  0

Stories from Tibetan Tour Guide

They are a few things from the past that always bring good memories even after 14-15 years.       I would like to share my motorbike ride at Mount Everest North Face base camp region to New Tingri with a 100KM ride through the high pass  Gawu la (5200M) in a rainy season 2003 with a traveler from Europe. During the rainy weather, our Motorbi

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Jan 10, 2023  0

Hike trip with mother to Tsetang

  The three days trip started with a phone call from my elder sister. She asked me if I have time to travel to Woka Choelong Valley with my mother and I was glad that I could take my mother on a trip again. The highlight of Today's Article  Three days tour with my mother and elder sister. Woka Choelong Monastery.  Hike to the medit

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Jan 06, 2023  1

2020 Social Responsibility Project

Books are one of the best gifts we can give to others since a wise man once said: wisdom is the key to ultimate happiness. Every year Tibet Travelers will focus on sharing some portion of tour profit with the locals. In 2019, we had successfully done the project of giving warm winter jackets to the students near Mount Everest.  Tibet Travelers 2

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Dec 30, 2021  0

23K Instagram Followers

Social media is the best way for connecting with Tibet Travelers. Live Chat with us for Tibet travel information on Instagram by DM. ( Direct message) After working very hard for nearly 5  years we have 23K families on our Instagram.  Tibet Travelers have been sharing stunning Tibet travel photos on our Instagram and Facebook since the end of

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Mar 23, 2020  0

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