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My 2019 Mount Kailash Trip

It has been nearly 15 years since I was at Mount Kailash during the year 2005 as a Tour Guide. To find out travel update changes around Mount Kailash and also to get the blessings from the precious mountain Kailash so, during mid-September of the year 2019, I have started my journey to Mount Kailash. I want to say that it was the best trip of my

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Oct 21, 2019  2

My hike trip with mother to Tsetang

The three days trip started with a phone call from my elder sister. She asked me if I have time to travel to Woka Choelong valley with mother and I was glad that I could take my mother on a trip again. The highlight of Today's Article  Three days tour with my mother and elder sister. Woka Choelong monastery.  Hike to the meditation cave

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Sep 06, 2019  0

My 2019 New Year Trip

As the great proverb goes: We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. There are so many places in Tibet where I haven't travel so every winter during the less tourist season; I used to take an opportunity to visit many remote areas in Tibet.  No matter if it's a work wound, family wound or relationship wound, Tibet is known as

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Feb 08, 2019  0

My day trip to Medo valley

Medo valley and Lhundrup valley are two of the most important towns near Lhasa. Once the home of many great Tibetan masters.  I have planned to take my mother on a pilgrim during the Shoton festival holiday. I have started my day trip around 8 am from Lhasa with my mother and sister.  We traveled from Lhasa towards Medo Gongga town into the Va

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Aug 17, 2018  0

Positive vibe story

  I remember reading a story about a person who takes everything as positive and would like to share this beautiful story with all. Once there was a King and he has a Sage friend with whom he shares everything. Once when King was eating a meat, the knife cut one of the fingers of the King.  The King asked the Sage about it and Sage said it

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Aug 06, 2018  0

Kadampa and Lhundrup valley

  Lhundrup valley is also known as Phenpo, located around 40km from Lhasa towards the North East.  It is said that once King Srongtsen Gampo planned to built Potala Palace and the main city in the Lhundrub valley because of the vast land and beauties of Lhundrup valley.  Lhasa is beautiful but it cannot become wider because on both south a

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Jul 25, 2018  0

My day trip with Amala

  Recently one of the best thing in life has happened when I got a chance to go on a pilgrim to the three very important monasteries near Lhasa with my Amala. ( Mother) It was a great blessing to travel with the mother as a driver. One great Indian man said: whenever I want something, I ask for my mothers blessing through touching her feet a

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Jul 23, 2018  1

My trip to Woka Choelong

  Traveling to Tibet is not just a destination, its a dream. Traveling to Tibet is not just a vacation, its a path. Many Travelers are asking about a place where they are less tourist and more local Tibetans, less crowd and more nature so I have done some research and found that one of the best places is Woka Choelong monastery trip of aroun

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Jul 22, 2018  1

My 1-night camping experience

One thing I love about camping is connecting with nature.  I love the singing of birds, flowing sounds of river and green trees providing the fresh air.  Camping alone has given me a special experience to see how much attachment I have towards my self.  I have found that one of the best ways to read the book is while camping, it is very peace

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Feb 19, 2018  0

My few weeks at a monastery in Tibet

  Life in the city is busy with full of distractions, these distractions are feeding our mind and we cant see it clear unless we give some time to our self. The best ways to see our self is not in a mirror but by staying alone with our self and being aware.  A few days ago a question pop into my mind. When the body gets dirty, we can take

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Feb 03, 2018  0

My short meditation at a monastery

  A few days ago,  a Monk and two friends of mine, we went together to a small monastery near Lhasa named (Sing Bu Ri) The reason for our visit was to paint gold on the statue of the Buddha. Let's start this beautiful story from the beginning. One of my friends was a Tour Guide and he met some very devoted Buddhist Travelers who gave some

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Nov 19, 2017  0

Stories from Tibetan Tour Guide

  This is happening everywhere in our world. Modern technology advances, everywhere in our world is developing.  This is a good thing for getting people closer to each other and making the life easier for the local people. They are few things from the past which always brings good memories even after 14-15 years.        I would like

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Jun 10, 2017  0

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