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Illusion - MC Tenzin Lyrics

MC Tenzin 2018 Tibetan hip-hop song (Illusion) Translated English and Chinese lyrics with Tibetan lyrics.  Samsara Samsara Samsara  Illusion Illusion Illusion  No one can escape from Karma (Cause and Effect)   The one who is liberated from Karma is happy Drinking the ignorance poison water The illness is getting worse Walking in the Del

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Dec 24, 2018  0

Distracted Mind - MC Tenzin Lyrics

To distract the mind, drinking beer To distract the mind, smoking cigarettes  To distract the mind, watching movies To distract the mind, rubbing mobile phone To distract the mind, partying outside To distract the mind, involve relationships To distract the mind, playing Tic Tok To distract the mind, taking anesthetic Nowadays where ever I

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Dec 23, 2018  0

Modern Tibetan Music

  Music is one of the important parts of life. People even say that when I was alone, only music was with me so music has played a great role in many peoples lives. Even though music is beautiful but music does also have effects on both the good side and the bad side so it is important to choose the right music. Modern rap songs talking abo

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Aug 09, 2018  0

Mc Tenzin is the first Tibetan Hip-hop MC

  Music is part of the daily life for Tibetans, many Tibetans can sing without any training, the reason behind may be the fresh cool water coming straight from the mountains.  Tibetan loves music and our ancestor's Yogis have the culture of teaching Dharma through Singing Doha Songs.  Few Tibetan important musical instruments are Dramnye

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