Tingri is one of the largest counties in the Shigatse prefecture. They are two Towns named after Tingri. 

Gangkar town, known as the old Tingri, and Shegar town, known as the new Tingri. 

Tingri County has 13 towns and my town is around 50 km from the Mount Everest base camp, known as Tashizom, meaning auspicious gathers.

Travelers can read my previous article on the Mount Everest region is my hometown where I shared my experience of a few years at Mount Everest North Face base camp.

Tingri is the home of the Himalayas including the highest mountain Everest. Tingri is also home to many rivers including the Lapchi Gang Tsangpo river. 

Tingri County is located around 520 km from Lhasa, around 240 km from Shigatse, and around 140 km from the Nepal border town Kyirong with an average altitude of 4, 500 meters, 14,763 ft.

There are two ways to travel to Tingri 

1. Travel from Lhasa to Tingri by overland or flight.

2. Travel from the Nepal border to Tingri. 

A few of the mountains located in Tingri County

1. Mount Everest's north face and east face 8, 848 meters (29, 028 ft) is the highest mountain in our world.

2. Mount Makalu 8485 meters ( 27, 838 ft) is the fifth highest mountain in our world.  

3. Mount Cho Oyu 8, 188 meters (26, 864 ft) is the sixth highest mountain in our world. 

Mount Everest base camp is located 100 km from the New Tingri Shegar. The town before the Shegar is known as Pelber, where Travelers will stay a night to have the sunrise view of four mountains above 8, 000 meters from the Gawu la Pass 5, 200 meters.

Tingri is also one of the important trekking routes destinations in Tibet.

Photo: Kangshung Valley Trek 

The number one hidden beauty in Tibet, Kharta Chutang Gama Kangshung Valley Trek is located in Tingri County, Kangshung Valley is 60 km from my hometown Tashizom. 

Another Stunning Trek in Tibet will be The Trek from Old Tingri to Mount Everest base camp. I did this trek in the Year 2005 with three German Travelers, they loved the challenge. 

A few of the Rivers from Tingri County

Tingri is home to many Himalayan mountains so Tingri is also home to many rivers.

1. Bom Chu Tsangpo river

2. Lapchi Gang Tsangpo river

3. Rongshar Tsangpo river

Rongshar and Lapchi are located near the border between Nepal.

These are the beautiful regions where the great Tibetan Yogi Maha Siddha Milarepa used to meditate in the 11th century. 

Photo: Beauties of Tingri

Tingri is also the home of Tibetan Buddhism Yogic culture. Maha Siddha Padampa Sanggay, Maha Siddha Padmasambhava, Maha Siddha Milarepa, Maha Siddha Machi Lapdron, and Maha Siddha Gotsangpo, are few of the great Yogis meditated in the Tingri county starting from the 8th century to the late 15th century.

One of the masters from India who had almost spent his whole life in Tingri county is the Maha Siddha Pa Dampa Sangay. His great disciple Maha Siddha Machik Lapdron is one of the great Tibetan female Yogini practitioners. In some biographies, it is written that she was from my hometown Tashizom Valley. Travelers can read the previous article on proverbs from Maha Siddhas.

Photo: Gawula Pass

Gawula Pass is one of the most beautiful mountains Pass to see the beauties of five mountains above 8000 meters including Mount Everest (8848 meters).

One of the highest monasteries in our world is located in Tingri County namely Rongbuk Monastery, just at the Mount Everest base camp.

For hot spring lovers, there are more than 10 hot springs in Tingri County. A few of the hot springs are only available for local Tibetans.

For Travelers who love hot springs, we recommend Lo Lo Hot Springs near New Tingri Pelber Town.

Two important towns in Tingri County

1. New Tingri / Shegar town / Pelber town 

New Tingri Pelber town is located at an altitude of 4, 300 meters. New Tingri is located about 240 km from Shigatse. The main town is known as Shegar, which is around 10 km into the valley. Travelers will stay a night at Pelber before traveling to Mount Everest, the Nepal border, and western Tibet Ngari. 

The accommodation available in Pelber town is a 2-star Roof of the World Hotel and a 2-star Everest hotel. All the hotels offer a private bathroom with a hot shower in the summer. There are few local Tibetan restaurants in Pelber town. 

Staying a night in Pelber is a good option so Travelers can enjoy the sunrise at Gawu la Pass with a view of four Mountains above 8, 000 meters photo shown above.

2. Old Tingri / Gangkar town

Gangkar is located at an altitude of 4, 400 meters. From Gangkar town, Travelers can see the stunning view of the summit of Mount Everest and Mount Cho Oyu. There is 60 km from New Tingri Pelber town to Old Tingri Gangkar town. 

Another route is traveling from Mount Everest's north face base camp to Old Tingri through Gara Valley or Drokpa nomad village. There is 60 km from Mount Everest base camp to Old Tingri. The accommodation available in Old Tingri is the 2-star Gangkar Hotel. All the hotels offer a private bathroom with a hot shower in the summer. There are few local Tibetan restaurants in Gangkar town. 

Three beautiful villages in Tingri 

Even though there are many villages in Tingri, that are very beautiful, today we would like to share the three popular villages in Tingri County.

1. Tashizom 

Tashizom is my hometown and is listed as a town in Tingri. The altitude of Tashizom is around 4, 400 meters. There are a few Hotels with private bathrooms and showers in Tashizom and many local restaurants.

Photo: Eco Bus from Tashizom to Mount Everest Base Camp

From Tashizom, Travelers will change their transport to the Eco Electric Bus to protect the environment.

2. Pasum

Around 12 km from Tashizom, there is a small village known as Pasum, where my mother and brother are living nowadays. Pasum is a good spot for a night since from Pasum village, Travelers can see the summit of Mount Everest. There are a few Hotels with private bathrooms and showers in Pasum village and many local restaurants.

3. Kharta Chutang

If Travelers prefer to do the trek in Kharta Chutang Gama Kangshung Valley, This small Kharta village is a good option to see more local Tibetans and fewer tourists.

These are a few of the information regarding Tingri County. We will do our best to share more information regarding other towns in Tibet in our future articles. 


Tingri is rich in nature with many snowy and rocky mountains with shining rivers coming straight from the glacier.  Tingri is also rich in culture with beautiful local dances and songs.  Old Tingri Gangkar town looks more like a cowboy town with a view of mountains and grasslands.

Many great Maha Siddha's had left footprints in Tingri so Tingri is a blessed town in Tibet. We recommend Travelers travel to Tingri and witness the beauty. 

Email us for more information regarding traveling to Tingri. info@tibettravelers.com 

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Jun 21, 2023


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