(Top 13) Day Trips from Lhasa, Tibet


Many Travelers ask us questions about the Day trips from Lhasa. Tibet Travelers feel that it will also benefit future Travelers so below Tibet Travelers will share (Top 13) day trips from Lhasa including the 3 best day trips from Lhasa.

They are many day trips from Lhasa, most of the day trips from Lhasa are between 70 km - 240 KM one way. 

Lhasa is central in Tibet and it is one of the most comfortable cities in the world with fresh air and weather not too warm, not too cold. 

From Lhasa, Travelers can travel to many places nearby as a Day trip. Firstly Tibet Travelers will share the 3 of the best day trips from Lhasa.

Three Best Day Trips from Lhasa 

1. Namtso Lake 

Located around 240 km from Lhasa towards the north with the driving of around 5 hours one way. Namtso Lake is the best and the number one Day trip from Lhasa. Tibet Travelers recommend Travelers to travel to the lake around 5:30 am - 6:00 am from Lhasa to have more time at the Lake. 

2. Yamdrok Lake

Another beautiful lake located towards the south is Yamdrok. Namtso Lake and Yamdrok Lake are different in shape, different in nature, and the different travel duration. Yamdrok Lake is around 90 km from Lhasa with the driving of around 2 hours. 

3. Ganden Monastery and Drakyerpa meditation cave

For Spiritual and nature lovers, one of the best day trips is the Ganden Monastery and Drak Yerpa meditation cave loop tour. Ganden monastery is located around 60 km from Lhasa with the driving of around 1 and half hours or 2 hours between. Tibet Travelers highly recommend Travelers to hike the Lingkor ( hike to the mountain) of Ganden monastery to see the whole nature view. 

After spending lots of time at Ganden monastery, it is a great choice to end the tour by making a loop trip to Drak Yerpa meditation cave where Travelers can still visit the precious meditation caves of great Buddhist masters. 

Photo: Yamdrok Lake

Few other Day trips from Lhasa

After sharing the 3 best day trips from Lhasa, below Tibet Travelers will share a few other day trips from Lhasa. 

1. Tidrum nunnery hot spring and Drigung til monastery 

Located about 140 km from Lhasa, Tidrum nunnery has the best natural hot spring in Tibet. Drigung Til monastery is located around 14 km from Tidrum nunnery. Drigung Monastery is the main monastery of the Drigung Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism. 

2. Samye monastery

The first monastery in Tibet is the Samye monastery, built during the 8th Century, located around 150km from Lhasa. Samye monastery is the center of Tibetan Buddhism during the 8th century and the main monastery of the Nyingmapa sect school of Tibetan Buddhism. 

3. Tsurphu monastery

Located around 60 km from Lhasa, it is the central monastery of the black hat Karma Kagyupa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Nature on the way to the monastery is stunning in summer. 

4. Shungseep Nunnery

One of the Nyingmapa sect nunneries in Tibet is the Shungseep nunnery, located near the first highway of Tibet from Lhasa to the airport. Shungseep is at the top of the mountain. Nunnery is peaceful.

5. Draksum Lake

Before this lake was not possible as a day trip due to long road drives, nowadays highway was possible to travel from Lhasa to Nyingchi Kongpo region. The lake is located around 380km from Lhasa in the middle of forests and mountains. A great choice for green lover Travelers. 

6. Siji Latso Lake

Siji Latso Lake has opened a few years ago. Located near Rutok hot spring with driving about 180 km from Lhasa towards East. It is a special peaceful lake with very few tourists.  A great choice for less Tourist lover Travelers. 

7. Reting monastery 

The main monastery of Kadampa School, the monastery is located deep in the Lhundrup valley. From Reting monastery, there is a beautiful 2 hours hike to Reting Nunnery.

8. Monasteries in Lhundrup valley: Shar monastery, Langtang monastery, and Nalanda monastery

In the Lhundrup valley, located around 40-50km from Lhasa, they are so many monasteries of Kadampa and Sakyapa school of Tibetan Buddhism. Few important Kadampa monasteries are Shar monastery, Langtang monastery. Nalanda is one of the biggest Sakyapa sect school monasteries in Lhundrup valley. 

9. Drak Yangzom and Dzong Kumbum meditation cave

Located near the Samye monastery. These are the 2 precious places where great master Maha Guru Rinpoche meditated and it is one of the best places to see the meditation caves and more locals.

10. Nyemo valley 

Finally, for nature lover Travelers, we would like to recommend the Nyemo valley loop tour from Lhasa via ending from Yangpachen hot spring pool to Lhasa. Nyemo valley is best for Travelers who love less tourists, more Nomads, and Farmar with peaceful nature.

Thank you for reading our article about Day trips from Lhasa. These Day trips can be travel as an option for all the Travelers who prefer to spend an extra day in Lhasa after the actual tour and hope it benefits future Travelers.

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Dec 16, 2017


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