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Previous Travelers had shared that one of the reasons they are not bored and still happy while traveling in the vehicle for 6-8 hours in Tibet is the changing of stunning nature in Tibet. 

After every few hours, the nature in Tibet changes, and this is the beauties of Tibet that attract many Travelers from all around the world. 

They are two best ways to explore Tibet

1. Trekking

2. Hiking

Trekking and hiking let Travelers enjoy the true beauty of Tibet where there is no sound of the vehicle, places where only pilgrims visit, the remote places, which are still not crowded with tourists, and this makes trekking and hiking special and the best ways to witness the beauties of Tibet. 

The top three trekking routes in Tibet are :

1. 20 Days Kharta Kangshung Gama Valley Trek 

2. Mount Everest Advance Base Camp Trek 6400 meters

3. Ganden monastery to Samye monastery Trek

Tibet Travelers would like to share the Top hiking sites in Tibet for Travelers. 

1. Ganden Monastery Kora Hike 

From my personal experience, one of the best hikes near Lhasa will be the Ganden monastery kora hike. 

The monastery is located near the summit of the mountain so from the backside hike trail, Travelers can witness the beauties of mountains, rivers, valleys, and villages. 

Last year when I went with two Singapore Travelers, they love the hike a lot. They were keeping saying wow and wow after every few minutes.

Another occasion was when a family group wanted to see something different from the monastery so I recommended them this hike and they love it very much. Travelers can read hike review experiences on our website from the Tala wood family. 

This hike is around a 1-2 hours medium hike. Travelers can travel as a day trip or customized tour with other Tibet travel routes. 

2. Woka Choelong Valley Hike 

As I have mentioned in my previous articles Woka Choelong is one of the hidden beauties in Tibet with Woka Choelong monastery and the hot spring. 

The beautiful nature with fewer tourists is the reason for recommending this route as the second top hiking route in Tibet.

Travelers can also hike near Siji Lhatso Lake, which is surrounded by green mountains and peace. 

Travelers can read our previous article for more information regarding Woka Choelong Valley.

3. Tidrum Nunnery Day Hike 

I have done this day hike last year in the Tibetan Losar new year. This hike is quite a difficult hike since we will be hiking from around 4400 meters to the 5000 meters near the summit of the mountains. 

It is a very peaceful hike, on the way we will pass by a nunnery namely Dingchen Gompa. 

Before the hike ends, we will visit a small Drigung Kagyu school monastery, where great Yogi had meditated during the 16th century. We can also see the footprints of Jetsun Kandro Yeshe Tsogyal on the stone. 

Near the monastery, there is a trail to the meditation cave of Jetsun Guru Rinpoche, it is quite difficult to visit this cave since it is very remote on the high mountains.

Travelers can read our previous article for more information regarding things to do near Tidrum nunnery.

Photo: Beauties of Namtso Lake

4. Hike from Reting monastery to Nunnery

Reting monastery is one of the main monasteries of Kadampa school. The monastery is located around 140 km from Lhasa towards North East. 

One of the beauties of this hike is the remote trail. There is no vehicle route to the nunnery so it is the best place to practice Dharma. 

The hike is around 2 hours one way, this is a medium hike. 

5. Hike from Pabonka monastery to Dode valley

This is one of the best day hikes inside Lhasa. It is a medium hike. The hike gives a chance to witness the beauties of Lhasa city from the mountain. 

Travelers can also visit a nunnery retreat area known as Takten Mingyur Podrang on the mountain. 

I have done this hike two times and I highly recommend this hike to all Travelers. 

One of the best ways to hike is in the morning since around the afternoon, the weather is mostly windy and cloudy. 

Travelers can also witness the meditation cave of Jetsun Tsongkhapa at Sera Utse above Sera monastery. 

Ten recommended hikes which are located near the vehicle route 

1. Hike near the Yamdrok Lake

2. Hike on the Geu la pass 5200 meters

3. Hike from Rongbuk monastery to Mount Everest base camp 

4. Hike near the Nyemo valley

5. Hike near the Namtso Lake

6. Hike near the Chimpuk meditation caves

7. Hike near Drakyerpa meditation caves

8. Hike near the Draksum Lake

9. Hike near Karo La Glacier

10. Hike near Phikutso Lake 

These are ten of the hikes which are located near the vehicle routes but a great way to explore Tibet via hiking 15-30 minutes towards the different directions from vehicle routes. 


Trekking and hiking are the best ways to explore the true beauties of Tibet. 

For Travelers who have minimum travel duration in Tibet, Tibet Travelers highly recommend hikes to witness the true beauties of Tibet. 

Travelers can send us Emails for more information regarding trekking or hiking in Tibet. 

Written By :Tenzin

Nov 08, 2017


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