Top Ten Dos and Don't in Tibet


Tibetans have learned a lot from the Travelers.

I believe that many things which are popular in the East nowadays have been popularized in the West before many decades ago.

West is the source when it comes to music, fashion, the internet, and many others. Western wisdom is of great importance in the modern world. 

They are a few differences in the culture between the West and the East in Asia. That is one of the reasons Tibet Travelers would like to share Top Ten Dos and Don't in Tibet.


The roof of our world with an average altitude of 4500 meters. Tibet is the place where the highest mountains on earth including the summit of our world Mount Everest 8848 meters.

Tibet is the home of nature with many stunning Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, and Grassland. 

Tibetan people are devoted to Mahayana Buddhism. The teachings of Buddha are well-preserved in Tibet.

Tibetan culture is unique with beautiful traditional customs. 

Tibet has become a dream for many travelers all around the world.

Before sharing the Top Ten Dos and Don't in Tibet. Tibet Travelers would like to share the short information about traveling to Tibet.

Photo: Beauties of Western Tibet 

How to travel to Tibet?

They are only two destinations from where Travelers can travel to Tibet.  

  1. Traveling from China to Tibet
  2. Traveling from Nepal to Tibet

From China, They are three ways to travel to Tibet.

  1. Train from cities in China to Lhasa.
  2. Flight from cities in China to Lhasa.
  3. Overland from Golmud or Xinjiang to Tibet.

From Nepal, they are two ways to travel to Tibet.

  1. Overland from the Kyirong border to Tibet.
  2. Flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa.

What are the documents required to travel to Tibet?

They are two documents Travelers will need to travel to Tibet.

  1. China Visa if travel from China to Tibet or China Tibet Group visa if travel to Tibet from Nepal.
  2. Tibet Travel Permit

Photo: Welcome to Tibet

Top Ten Dos and Don't in Tibet

  1. Tibetans love to smile at Westerners as a sign of welcome. Travelers can smile back as a sign of Thank you. Tibetan Buddhism teaches that even if we can't give others anything, we can still share a smile to make others' day better. 
  2. Wearing longer pants with shoes and taking off the cap in the monasteries as a sign of love. 
  3. Not taking pictures in the temples and monasteries where shows the sign of no photos. 
  4. Not taking the photos of police and military while traveling in Tibet. Noninvolvement in the topics of politics with locals. 
  5. We usually learned this beautiful habit of not throwing trash everywhere from Travelers. Most of the time, Travelers will leave the trash in the vehicle while traveling and later throwing in the hotel dustbin. To continue this great habit to teach the young Tibetans. 
  6. Asking for a photo before capturing is a great way to show love while traveling in Tibet. 
  7. Traveling to temples or monasteries only with Tour Guide. While in the market or street, Travelers can travel on their own. 
  8. Being low profile is one of the best benefits of traveling in Tibet even if Travelers can speak Tibetan.
  9. Not swimming in the Lakes since many Rivers and Lakes in Tibet are goddesses for Tibetans.
  10. Traveling in Tibet with the regulation of Tibet travel rules by asking the tour Guide is excellent teamwork to make the trip better for everyone. 

Photo: Beauties of nature in Tibet

The Top Ten Dos and Don't is a great benefit not only for Travelers but also for local Tibetans. 


Traveling to Tibet is beautiful. Tibetans love Travelers traveling to Tibet. That is the reason, many Tibetans will smile from the moment they see Westerners as a sign of love.

The majority of Tibetans in Tibet are depending on the Tourism business. We would like to thank all the Travelers traveling to Tibet.

Many previous Travelers have traveled to more than ten destinations on the earth, and their favorite was Tibet, so we highly recommend Travelers to travel to Tibet and witness her beauty with authentic Tibetan travel expert ( Tibet Travelers ) via sending us an email at 

Written By :Tenzin

Oct 04, 2018


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