Top Ten Useful Tibetan Phrases

After meeting many beautiful Travelers around the world in Tibet, one thing we have found important is many Travelers are asking us about how to say this in Tibetan and how to say that in Tibetan, we would like to Thank those Travelers for your love towards Tibet.

Today's article Tibet Travelers would like to share the Top Ten Useful Tibetan Phrases.

One of the most important and useful phrases in every language is the Greetings.

1. Hello and also Greetings

 Tashi Delek 

2. How are you? 

Dey Po Yin Pay?

3. Good Bye ( There is 2 way to say this in Tibetan ) 

One is when you are going and another person is staying.

Ga Lay Shu 

Another is when someone is going and you are staying.

Ga Lay Pay

4. What is your Name?

Rang Kyi Ming La Ka Ray Serkyi Yo?

5. Where is the Bathroom?

Sang Choe Ka Par Yo Rey?

6. I Love Tibet

Nga Bod La Gyapo Yo

7. You are Beautiful 

Kye Rang Zepo Duk 

8. Hot Water, Cold Water 

Chu Tsapo, Chu Drangmo 

9. This is Very Good

De Yak Po Duk 

10. How much it cost?

Ka Tso Rey?

Photo: Mount Everest North Face 

Above Pronunciation is based on Tibet Travelers way of expressing Tibetan in English. We hope above Top Ten Tibetan Phrase will make things easier for Travelers while traveling in Tibet and also local Tibetans would love to hear few Tibetan Phrases from Travelers as a sign of love for Tibet.

Normally our Tour Guide will share few Tibetan Phrases with our Travelers while traveling together in Tibet. Still, Tibet Travelers would like to share these Top 10 phrases with the Travelers before getting to Tibet.

Tibet Travelers will also do best to share few other phrases in future articles. 

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