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Tibet is known as Bod བོད་ in the Tibetan language. Bod means calling or saying "Ka ye" in Tibetan, more like saying (Hey) 

Three main reasons for travel to Tibet are:

  1. Stunning natures
  2. Precious holy sites
  3. Tibetan people and culture

Stunning Natures

Tibet is the roof of the world with home to many of the highest mountains in our world including the highest mountain Mount Everest. (8844 meters )

Many of the precious rivers in our world are traveling from the Tibetan plateau to the ocean.

Vast grassland and countless lakes are situated in Tibet. 

Precious holy sites

Tibet is the home to many holy mountains and lakes. The sacred mountain Kailash and the sacred lake Manasarovar are situated in western Tibet Ngari.

Tibetan ancestors were sincere spiritual seekers. Most of our ancestors have attained high spiritual wisdom and left many holy sites as blessings for future devotees.  

Tibetan People and culture

Tibetan people are known as one of the warmest humans on earth. Even as a young Tibetan, I can feel the positive energy of older Tibetans in tea houses. 

Tibetan culture has a history of more than 1000 years. Since the 7th century, the Tibetan language has been introduced to Tibetans by King Srongtsen Gampo with the help of the great scholar Thunme Sambhota. Later the singing, dancing, and composing writings flourished in many areas in Tibet. 

Top Tibet Travel Destinations 

Top Tibet travel destinations include all the essential places situated in seven of the Prefectures of Tibet Autonomous Region. 

Tibet Travelers would like to share the top Tibet travel destinations. 

Photo: View of Mount Everest from Rongbuk monastery

Tibet Autonomous Region has seven Prefectures. 

  1. Lhasa Prefecture
  2. Shigatse Prefecture
  3. Ngari Prefecture
  4. Tsetang prefecture
  5. Nakchu Prefecture
  6. Chamdo Prefecture
  7. Nyingchi Prefecture

Top Tibet travel destinations in seven Prefectures

All seven Prefecture has many highlight sightseeing areas.

Tibet Travelers would like to share the Top Ten travel destinations in three prefectures including Lhasa, Shigatse, and Ngari.

Top few travel destinations in the other four prefectures from Tsetang, Nakchu, Chamdo, and Nyingchi.

Lhasa Prefecture 

Lhasa is known as the largest city in Tibet. The most essential sightseeings situated in Lhasa are: 

  1. Jokhang Temple
  2. Potala Palace
  3. Sera monastery
  4. Norbulingka Palace
  5. Drepung monastery
  6. Ramoche Temple 
  7. Dropenling Handicraft
  8. Tenzin Blind Massage
  9. Ganden monastery
  10. Tidrum nunnery

Shigatse Prefecture 

  1. Yamdrok Lake
  2. Mount Everest 
  3. Shigatse
  4. Gyantse
  5. Ralung monastery
  6. Sakya monastery
  7. Rongbuk monastery
  8.  Tingri
  9. Kyirong
  10. Pasum

Ngari Prefecture

  1. Mount Kailash
  2. Lake Manasarovar
  3. Guge Kingdom
  4. Toling Monastery
  5. Ngari 
  6. Purang
  7. Western Tibet loop
  8. Phikutso Lake 
  9. Damra Yumtso Lake
  10. Changtang area

Tsetang Prefecture

  1. Samye monastery
  2. Yumbulakhang Palace
  3. Tradruk monastery
  4. Daklha monastery
  5. Chimpuk meditation caves
  6. Yemalung meditation caves
  7. Tomb of the kings

Nakchu Prefecture

  1. Namtso Lake 
  2. Vast grassland and Nomads
  3. Tsurphu monastery
  4. Yangpachen nunnery
  5. Reting monastery

Chamo Prefecture

  1. The overland route from Shangri la to Lhasa

Nyingchi Prefecture

  1. Draksum Lake
  2. Siji Lhatso Lake
  3. Rawok Lake
  4. Mount Namchak Barwa
  5. Lulang Green Region
  6. 5-star Retreat Resort near Miling town
  7. Lamaling monastery

Photo: Sunrise at Mount Kailash 

These are the highlights sightseeing areas situated in the seven Prefectures. 


Tibet travel permit and China visa are the main documents required to travel to Tibet. 

They are two destinations from where Travelers can travel into Tibet.

  1. Traveling to Tibet from China in 5 steps.
  2. Traveling to Tibet from Nepal in 4 steps.

The top three travel destinations from the seven different Prefectures of Tibet Autonomous Region are: 

  1. Mount Everest 
  2. Mount Kailash
  3. Lhasa

Top three favorite tours from Tibet Travelers:

  1. 10 Day Ganden hike and Mount Everest
  2. 16 Day Mt. Kailash & Mt. Everest
  3. 20 Day Kangshung Valley Trek

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Written By :Tenzin

May 13, 2019


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