Travel Tibet in winter from Nov-Feb


Most Travelers will travel to Tibet between April and October, and the warmer months can be a green and beautiful time to travel. Still, we recommend November till February as a special prime season to visit Tibet.

4 reasons to travel to Tibet in winter

1.      Far fewer tourists
Because everyone makes the wrong assumption that it’s unbearably cold on the Tibetan Plateau in winter, tourists congregate in the warmer months, especially from late spring to early fall.  The droves of Chinese tourists begin to clear out after the early October Chinese national holidays, and by December and January, there are hardly any tourists at all. 

2.      Clear skies and great views
It’s definitely cold in Tibet in the winter, but not like most people think, especially since December and January are dry months with abundant, high-altitude sun that really warms you during the day. The average high in Lhasa in January/February is around 45 fahrenheit/7.3 centigrade, and the lows are 15 fahrenheit/-10 centigrades. With the clear skies and the sunshine come fabulous views. 

3.      Tibetan pilgrims 

Pilgrims from all over Tibet Pour into Lhasa during the winter months, visiting the Jokhang and the major monasteries. You can see Tibetans from all walks of life, and experience Lhasa’s devout heart — multitudes of Tibetans practicing Tibetan Buddhism. Losar, the Tibetan New Year, happens in late winter and is an amazing cultural moment.  

4.      Cheaper prices

Tours and hotels cost less in winter, as demand decreases. 

After explaining all the above benefits about traveling to Tibet in winter, Tibet Travelers highly recommend all travelers take this great opportunity and travel to Tibet in winter. 

Tibet Travelers arranges a confirmed group tour of 10 days trip on November 3rd, for more information on this tour, you can send us an email at or if you prefer other dates or a private tour, you can also send us an Email. 

Written By :Tenzin

Sep 06, 2017


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