How to travel to Tibet from Nepal?

How to travel to Tibet from Nepal?

Getting a China Group visa can be a breeze if you apply from Nepal! One can reach Tibet from Nepal by either flying to Lhasa, Tibet from Kathmandu, Nepal or by opting for an overland tour from the Nepal border Rasuwa Gadi between Kyirong town in Tibet.

If you are traveling to Tibet from Nepal, this article provides guidance.

For those intending to travel to Tibet from cities within China, please refer to this separate article.

Travel to Tibet from Nepal.

1. Plan the trip a month in advance.

To ensure a smooth trip to Tibet, it is recommended that you plan your itinerary one month ahead of time. Also, it is essential to reserve your Tibet tours beforehand to allow enough at least 20 days for us to process your China Tibet group visa and Tibet Travel Permit.

To travel to Tibet from Nepal, you will require two essential documents: the China Tibet group visa and the Tibet Travel Permit. You can rest easy knowing that we will handle the process of obtaining both documents for you.

2. How to get a China group visa from Nepal?

Our travel agency needs scans of travelers' passports and the exact dates of their entry and exit from Tibet, along with confirmation of their Tibet tour itinerary booked through us, in order to obtain the China group visa from Nepal.

3. How long will it take to apply for a China group visa?

It is recommended to allocate three to four business days to obtain the China Tibet Group visa.

You can arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal, four business days prior to your travel departure to Tibet and complete the visa formalities on the first day with the assistance of our travel agency in Nepal. All you need to do is provide your signature and passport-size photo and leave your original passport with the Nepal Chinese Embassy.

After that, you are free to explore Nepal on your own or with the help of our Nepal travel agency. While traveling, you can use a photo of your passport scanned on your phone to book hotels in Nepal. The day before your travel departure to Tibet, you need to meet our Nepal travel agency manager to collect your passport and China Tibet group visa documents. The next day, you can take a flight or overland travel to Tibet.

It is important to note that the Chinese Embassy in Nepal has scheduled closures on weekends and certain holidays annually. To ensure a hassle-free visa application process, please refer to the holiday dates for the year 2024.

4. What are the 2024 holiday dates for the China Embassy in Nepal?

  1.  April 4th, 5th, 6th ( Ancestor Memorable Day)
  2.  May 1st to May 5th ( International Labor Day)
  3. June 25th, 26th, 27th ( Dragon boating festival )
  4. October 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th ( National holiday )
travel to Tibet from Nepal

Photo: China Group Visa

5. What is the cost of the China Tibet Group visa fee?

Regular visa fee / four working days.

USA: $ 204 per person

Canada: $ 104 per person

Other Countries: $ 80 per person

* Note: Service charge is included in the above visa fees. 

Urgent visa fee / three working days.

USA: $ 229 per person

Canada: $ 129 per person

Other Countries: $ 105 per person

Note: Service charge is included in the above visa fees. 

6. What is the latest update on the China Tibet Group Visa 2024?

  1. To obtain a China visa from Nepal, the minimum requirement is four individuals. However, you can rest assured that you can reach out to us via email for any further inquiries.
  2. By April, travelers will be able to fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa. Alternatively, there will be the option of a vehicle journey from Nepal to Tibet via the Rasuwa Kyirong border.

7. The Chinese Embassy in Nepal requires what specific details?

  1. Four full working days in Kathmandu.
  2. The Traveler must have their original passport with them.
  3. One photo with a white background (size example below).

Photo: Example of China Tibet Group visa photo size with a white background.

Upon arrival in Nepal, travelers have the option to pay for the China Tibet group visa fee. To arrange the visa, our affiliate agency in Nepal will visit the airport or the traveler's hotel.

8. What are the requirements for booking a Tibet tour from Nepal?

  1. A well scanned copy of your passport.
  2. The tour's entry and exit dates will need to be confirmed, along with the destinations to be visited while traveling through Tibet.
  3. Payment deposit of 50 US dollars per person using Paypal.

9. What are the entry and exit dates for the Tibet Travel Permit?

Please note that your entry and exit dates will be recorded on the Tibet Travel Permit. It is crucial to leave Tibet and other cities in China by the specified exit date. As per regulations, travelers are advised to limit their visits to only the sites listed on the Tibet Travel Permit. As soon as you arrive at Lhasa Gonggar airport or the Kyirong border with Nepal, our friendly tour guide will obtain the Tibet Travel Permit and welcome you.

10. How to Purchase flight from home to Nepal?

Below, we suggest ways to buy your flights to Nepal and then use the Tibet Travelers agency to arrange your travel to Tibet either by land or plane. We suggest using the Kayak,, and Fare Compare websites to find the best international flights to Nepal. You can also look for trustworthy flight websites from Google.

11. How to purchase a flight from Nepal to Tibet?

If you need assistance in obtaining flight tickets from Kathmandu, Nepal, to Lhasa, Tibet, we are here to help. Please note that in order to board a flight to Tibet, travelers are required to possess the original Tibet Travel Permit at Lhasa airport or Nepal border town if they travel by land. In order to ensure that you have the proper documentation, we will arrange for one of our tour guides to meet you at Lhasa airport or Nepal border.

12. What about the Tibet Travel Permit?

As we apply for a Travelers China Group Visa, we will simultaneously apply for a Tibet Travel Permit. During our trip, our tour guide will carry the Tibet Travel Permit with them and present it to public offices for registration at Lhasa Gonggar airport or the Nepal border town of Rasuwa between Kyirong when picking up the Travelers. The permit will also be with the Tour Guide throughout our traveling in Tibet.

15 Day Mount Kailash no Trek, & Mount Everest base camp

Photo: The stunning Mount Kailash.

13. What are the Tibet Travel Recommendations?

We recommend a few travel itineraries for travelers. The first Tibet travel journey is a 10-day Tibet travel that begins in Lhasa and culminates at Mount Everest base camp and Namtso Lake. The second Tibet trip we recommend is a 17-day Tibet travel journey from Lhasa that takes you to Mount Kailash, where you will trek for three days over 52km at an altitude of 5000 meters. During this tour, you will also visit the Guge Kingdoms and Mount Everest base camp.

If you're a traveler intending to visit Nepal following Tibet, we highly suggest our 8-day overland excursion from Lhasa to Kathmandu, which includes a stop at Mount Everest's North Face Base Camp.

14. How to meet your agency staff in Tibet?

Begin your journey in Tibet by meeting our amiable team of Tibet Travelers, Tibetan local Tour Guide, and local Tour Driver either at Lhasa airport or the Nepal border town.

We are eagerly waiting to greet you and display the splendor of Tibet, so please feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries or apprehensions. We would be delighted to receive your feedback. You can reach us anytime through Live Chat, DM on Instagram, or by sending us an email at I can't wait to help you plan your Tibet tour and tibet travel adventure!

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Dec 22, 2023


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