Travel to Tibet is Now or Never


Travel to Tibet is now or never.

When I say never, I am not saying you can't travel to Tibet in the near future.

You can definitely travel to Tibet in the near future but the whole world is developing.

There is an urgency of traveling to Tibet.

Once I used to walk 50 km to a small school in the village without seeing or hearing a single sound of a vehicle along the way.

Nowadays almost every village has more than 3 vehicles.

Once there was only 1 television in our village 30-40 km before Mount Everest base camp. We get to watch the movie 1-2 times per week and I was taking that as one of the best entertainment I had for the whole week.

Nowadays 90 percent of the villagers have a television with good electricity. 

Once I used to stay 8 months in the Mount Everest Base Camp without having a shower and electronic entertainment for the whole year.

Nowadays I can have a shower in a day since there is a paved road until Tingri.  I can have any electronic entertainment I want since I have the iPhone with 3G internet at the Mount Everest Base Camp. 

Once I used to ride a bike for 220 km to send Emails to my friends in the US and Europe via crossing a high Geu la pass 5,200 m 

Nowadays I can easily send Emails from the Mount Everest Base Camp.

Once the altitude of Mount Everest was 8, 848 m, which is 29,029 ft 

Nowadays the altitude of Mount Everest is 8,844 m, which is 29,015 ft

Once I heard that the Mount Everest glaciers were near the Rongbuk monastery and that was the reason for calling the glaciers of Mount Everest as Rongbuk glacier.

Nowadays to see these white glaciers might take a few hours to hike from the Mount Everest Base Camp.

Once they were no Guesthouse near Mount Kailash at the Dirapuk monastery and we were sleeping inside the monastery as a part of the blessings.

Nowadays there is even a 3-star hotel at Darchin town available in the summer.

Once I was the only Tour Guide traveling to Mount Kailash during March having a group of 5 Travelers from different Nationals at Mount Kailash, we have 8 times tires flat and I was praying in the vehicle so that the tire won't get flat until we reach the nearest Saga town since they were no any village or not even a shepherd for help. 

Nowadays, the paved road is making the travel duration much faster, also Tourist vehicles are mostly new in good condition.

Once there was only 1 Guesthouse at Chiu monastery near Lake Manasarovar, this one and only Guesthouse were inside the Local Tibetan family home. They were no electricity and I used to write songs with candlelight.

Nowadays they are more than 4-5 Guesthouses near Lake Manasarovar with good electricity.

Once the road to Mount Everest and Mount Kailash was unpaved, I used to sit in the backseat with the luggage for more than 10 hours without even having a feeling of tiredness. 

Nowadays there is a paved road to the foot of Mount Everest and Mount Kailash making the travel duration much faster, also tourist vehicles are mostly new and in good condition. 

Beauties of Potala Palace with a rainbow

They are lots of benefits given by modern development to both local people and Travelers via making everything much convenient.

Still, the great proverb old is gold comes in our mind and that is the reason I have shared my stories from childhood until now.

Travelers who would like to witness the hidden beauties where there are only a few tourists, I would highly recommend reading our article on Kharta Chutang Kangshung valley trek to the east face of Mount Everest

Kharta is around 60-70 km from my hometown Tashizom. One of the best treks is located in Kharta Chutang.

I would like to welcome all the Travelers to witness the beauties of Tibet via traveling to Tibet now. 


It is really true that modern development has given lots and lots of benefits for local people via making life convenient. 

Nowadays if someone in our village gets serious sickness, as compared to before, there are more than 70% chances of getting better since the paved road and train to Lhasa are one of the great effects benefits behind.

There is a saying that everything has side effects so for Travelers who would love to see places where they are less tourist or not even a tourist and only local people with nature is getting difficult since everywhere in our world is developing so travel to Tibet now or never.

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Written By :Tenzin

Mar 04, 2018


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