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Tibet Tours no hidden cost & no Shopping

Tibet Tours no hidden cost & no Shopping One thing that might ruin the Tibet trip for travelers is the hidden cost. When there is a hidden cost, it shows there might be more to come and that the Travel agency only sees money and doesn't care for Travelers. Even though everyone is working for the money, trust always comes first. No money mig

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Jul 01, 2023  0

Tibet Travel Cancellation Policy

Tibet Travel Cancellation Policy! A cancellation policy is crucial because sometimes the traveler or the Tibet Travelers travel agency might need to cancel a trip to Tibet. We want to ensure that everyone is aware of our policy and that we are here to help in any way we can. Cancellation of the tour by the client. We understand that plans can

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May 30, 2023  1

Tibet Tour Early Booking Discount 2024

Tibet Tour early booking discount Hi there! Tashi Delek and warm greetings from Tibet! It's such a pleasure to know that you're interested in our early booking discounts. We're absolutely ecstatic that you've chosen Tibet Travelers as your tour provider, and we want to ensure that your experience is nothing short of amazing. That's why we're ex

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May 28, 2023  0

How to Book a Tour to Tibet?

How to Book a Tour to Tibet?  Booking a Tibet tour is a breeze! We've covered you with these five simple steps to book your dream tour. Table of How to Book a Tour to Tibet? 1. Please Pre-plan your Tibet tour.2. Travel from various Chinese cities to Tibet or from Kathmandu, Nepal to Tibet.3. Choose a tour from our Tibet Tour Menu and p

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May 28, 2023  0

ATM Bank Currency in Tibet

ATM Bank Currency in Tibet Hey there! When traveling to Tibet, questions about ATM availability, banking options, and currency are essential. There are around 4 to 5 varieties of banks in Tibet. 1. Bank of China  2. China Construction Bank (CCB) 3. China Agricultural Bank (ABC) 4. Bank of Tibet 5. ICBC Bank  In Tibet, only a handful of b

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May 28, 2023  1

Tibet Travel Payment options

Tibet Travel Payment options To secure your tour, we would like to ask for a deposit of 50 US dollars to be sent via PayPal. The remaining balance can be paid in cash to our manager when you arrive in Tibet. We use the Chinese Renminbi (Yuan) as our currency. If you prefer, you can pay in US Dollars or euros. We'll check the US dollar and euro ex

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Jan 30, 2023  2

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