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How to travel from Norway to Tibet?

  This is one of the best news Norway Travelers who are planning to travel Tibet are waiting for. Tibet Travel Free Permit is available for Norway Travelers.  Even though Tibet Travel Permit is free of charge but Travel agencies are not allowed to sell only the Tibet Travel Permit. Travelers from Norway must travel in an organized tour. 

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Mar 07, 2018  0

How to travel from Australia to Tibet?

  Australia is one happy continent and home of nature nation that welcomes many Travelers outside of its country to study and work, which shows humbleness of Australia.  They are many Australians who love traveling to Tibet, to make it easy for Australian Travelers for travel to Tibet. Today's article Tibet Travelers would like to share th

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Feb 20, 2018  0

How to travel from Russia to Tibet?

  Russia is one nation where Tibetan Buddhism was flourished many decades ago. Some say the flag of Russia is similar to Tibetan Buddhism Sakyapa sect school.  They are many Russians who love traveling to Tibet as adventure and pilgrim, to make it easy for Russian Travelers for travel to Tibet. Tibet Travelers would like to share the det

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Feb 20, 2018  0

How to travel from Canada to Tibet?

  Canada is one of the peaceful friendly nations in our world. Every year more and more Canadian Travelers are traveling to Tibet.  In the recent few years, Canadian Travelers that I have met are friendly and they have a deep love for nature.  Today's article Tibet Travelers would like to share the information on ways to travel Tibet from

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Feb 10, 2018  0

How to travel from England to Tibet?

  Travelers from England or the United Kingdom loves traveling and that is one of the main reasons Tibet Travelers had focused on how to travel Tibet from the United Kingdom. Mount Everest, the main highlight mountain in Tibet is named after the British George Everest in the year 1856. Some say that the first person who climbed Mount Ev

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Feb 09, 2018  0

How to travel from Japan to Tibet?

  Every Traveler from other Nationals admires Japanese Travelers who are traveling to Tibet and China because Japanese Passport holders will have 15 days free visa in China including Tibet so that makes it much much easier for Japanese Travelers to travel Tibet. China visa is sometimes difficult to obtain if Travelers doesn't get the right

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Feb 07, 2018  0

How to travel from Asia to Tibet?

  Tibet is located on the roof of the world with the average altitude of 4500M above sea level, surrounded by many snow mountains of the Himalaya Range. Even though Tibet Autonomous Region is neighboring with Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Mainland China but only from Nepal and Mainland China, Travelers can travel into Tibet so all the Traveler

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Dec 22, 2017  0

How to travel from Europe to Tibet?

Europe is one big continent where many beautiful countries are a neighbor to each other. Europe is also one continent where people have respect and love for Nature and where people love to travel.  Every year many Travelers from Europe are traveling to Tibet through big travel agencies in Europe via paying a big amount of money and not so much f

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Sep 28, 2017  0

How to travel from Hong Kong to Tibet?

  For Hongkong ID with Home Return Permit holder, you won't need the Tibet Travel Permit to travel in Tibet but If you plan to travel to Mount Everest North Face Base Camp, Mount Kailash or Kyirong Nepal border, you will need the border permit, Which is known as Tong Xing Zhang 通行证 Which can be obtained by the Tibet Travelers from the

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Sep 20, 2017  0

How to travel to Tibet?

They are three ways to travel to Tibet.  1.Flight 2.Train 3.Overland They are 2 destinations from where Travelers can travel into Tibet. 1.Travel to Tibet via flight, train or overland from China 2.Travel to Tibet via flight or overland from Nepal Few important questions before traveling to Tibet. 1.How to travel to Tibet? One of the best

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Sep 13, 2017  0

How to travel from Germany to Tibet?

Every year many German travelers are traveling into Tibet through big travel agencies in Germany via paying a big amount of money and not so much flexible in the tour.  Many travel agencies in Germany will contact travel agencies in China and travel agencies in China will contact local travel agencies in Tibet like Tibet Travelers so price of the

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Jun 21, 2017  0

How to travel from Spain to Tibet?

  They are two ways to travel Tibet from Spain. Traveling from Spain to Nepal and to Tibet or Traveling from Spain to China and to Tibet.      1.How to travel Tibet from Spain through China     Tibet Travel Permit   Before explaining about the Tibet Travel Permit, there is very important document Tibet Travelers will request fro

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Jun 20, 2017  0

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