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Original Tibetan Dzi

  Diamond is found in Africa, Gold is found in many regions, and Dzi is almost found only in Tibet.  They are many different stories of Dzi in the legend of Tibet. Three of the stories I have heard from elders. Some Tibetans say that Dzi is fallen from the sky as a treasure from above.   Some say its a worm and turn into a stone after ma

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Jul 31, 2018  0

I bought a Thangka

  Today is a great day for me, before starting the article I would like to share that I had a great dream last night and something great happened today. One of my Tour Guide has a couple friend who is an expert in hand-tailored Thangka.  Today I was going to meet my Tibetan female Tour Guide Drolma for the arranging of the Private Tour in

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Jul 24, 2018  0

Lhasa New Bhakor Market

  This article is for Travelers who are keen to buy lower price wholesale gifts or souvenirs from Tibet and bring home as a gift to friends or family or as a remembrance of Tibet. Before a few years ago, the new Bhakor market was located near the Bhakor street and Travelers can easily buy the lower price gifts or souvenirs but later it was

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May 30, 2018  1

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