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2019 Top Chosen Tibet Tours

  2019 is starting with a beautiful tourism year as always. Starting from April 5th, Tibet Travelers' first group of Travelers have entered Tibet.  Before sharing the article about our Top chosen Tibet Tours of 2019, we would like to share a piece of short information on the rules and regulations for traveling to Tibet. Documents required

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Jul 07, 2019  0

Top Ten Dos and Don't in Tibet

  Tibetans have learned a lot from the Travelers. I believe that many things which are popular in the East nowadays have been popularized in the West before many decades ago. West is the source when it comes to music, fashion, the internet, and many others. Western wisdom is of great importance in the modern world.  They are a few differe

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Oct 04, 2018  0

Best place to see stars in Tibet

  I still remember the days at the Mount Everest North face base camp in the year 2003 when I used to enjoy the shooting stars every few minutes.  The high altitude in Tibet gives the best advantages of getting closer towards the sky to see the stars in the night.  I had been working for tourism since the year 2003 until today August 25th

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Aug 25, 2018  3

Highest Monastery in world?

  The Highest Monastery in the world is situated in Tibet at Tingri County near Choezong village, and it is known as the Rongbuk monastery, located at an altitude of 5050 meters, around 8km from the Mount Everest North face base camp.   Nyingmapa master Ngawang Tenzin Norbu built the Rongbuk monastery in 1902. It was later extended by many

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Jul 24, 2018  0

No any shopping in Tibet Tours

  From our personal experience, one thing that ruins the trip is the shopping on the tours.  It shortens the travel duration of Travelers since running towards entering more shops and that will ruin the enjoyment of the trip for Travelers so Tibet Travelers focus on tours with no any shopping. Starting from day one of Tibet Travelers until

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Apr 30, 2018  0

No any hidden cost in Tibet Travelers

  One thing that might ruin the Tibet trip of Travelers will be the hidden cost.  The moment there is a hidden cost, it shows there might be more to come and that the Travel agency only sees money and doesn't care for Travelers. Even though everyone is working for the money, trust always comes first.  No money might stop Travelers from t

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Mar 10, 2018  0

Travel to Tibet is Now or Never

  Travel to Tibet is now or never. When I say never, I am not saying you can't travel to Tibet in the near future. You can definitely travel to Tibet in the near future but the whole world is developing. There is an urgency of traveling to Tibet. Once I used to walk 50 km to a small school in the village without seeing or hearing a single

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Mar 04, 2018  0

Complete Tibet Travel & Tours Tips

  Over the past 15 years in the field of Tibet Tourism, Tibet Travelers has witnessed the frequent changing of Tibet Travel Regulation. Then there are more than 3000 claiming to be Tibet Travel Expert providing different information making it complicated again. That is one of the reasons recently Tibet Travelers has written an article Tibet

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Feb 26, 2018  0

WC Bathrooms in Tibet

  WC / Toilets / Bathrooms in Tibet   As previous Tibet Travelers says, a travel agency that cares for bathrooms/toilets / WC for the travelers is the travel agency that cares for travelers. Even though we are not able to build a western-style bathroom at the moment we are discussing it. Right now explaining in advance about bathrooms in T

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Jun 29, 2017  0

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