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Tibet Travel Open on 2021 May for Expats

  Today we have a great news for Travelers.  Tibet travel is open on May 8th 2021 for Travelers residing or studying in China.  From 2019 until today, Tibet travel is closed due to COVID-19 Pandemic so this is one of the best news of year 2021 for both Travel agencies and Travelers. We are hoping that this news is the beginning for the bes

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May 08, 2021  0

Latest Tibet Travel Updates August 2020

  Tibet Travelers always make sure to share the latest Tibet travel updates so Travelers can make the best Tibet Travel plans.  Traveling to Tibet Autonomous Region is not yet resumed at the moment due to COVID-19 Pandemic. We will make sure to have the latest updates on our website. Latest Tibet Travel Updates August 2020 Tours booke

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Aug 02, 2020  0

2020 Tibet Travel Updates from Tibet Travelers

Photo: Golden sunset view of Mount Everest from Rongbuk monastery During the year 2019 Tibet travel season has started in March, the best season to see the Peach flower festival in Nyingchi Kongpo prefecture towards East Tibet. Tibet travel permit situation is getting better every year and also Tibet travel permit rules and regulations change qui

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Jan 05, 2020  0

Mount Everest Eco Bus Update 2019

(Photo: Mount Everest with the Universe) Mount Everest is the most visited travel destinations in Tibet.  It is the roof of our world. Tibetan name of the mountain is Chomolungma. It takes around three days drive from Lhasa to Mount Everest view area Rongbuk monastery.  The first overnight will be at Shigatse city. Second night at Pelber town.

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Jul 10, 2019  0

2019 Tibet Travel Updates from Tibet Travelers

(Photo: Summit of Mount Kailash) The Tibet travel rules and regulations change often and it is essential to share with all the Travelers so today Tibet Travelers would like to share 2019 few updates to all the Travelers.  The few updates for the year 2019 from Tibet Travelers Tibet travel permit situation remains the same as last year with b

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Feb 09, 2019  0

Tibet winter travel update

  Winter is a special prime time to travel to Tibet for many Travelers. The name Tibet is always connected with the snow mountains. Tibet is surrounded by the snowy mountains of the Himalayan range. On the high mountains, it is possible to witness the beauties of snow during all the year. At the lower places below 4000 meters, we can only

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Oct 08, 2018  0

Update Namtso Lake road construction

  Namtso Lake is known as one of the largest lakes in Tibet. Every day more than 1000 Travelers will travel to Namtso Lake during the summer from May to October end. In the winter from November to February, it is not possible to travel to the Lake because of the snow on the high pass Largen la. ( 5200 meters) Article Photo: Yamdrok Lake du

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Sep 29, 2018  0

2018 Sep 26 update Group visa from Nepal

  Tibet Travelers is the most active Tibetan Lhasa based travel agency in the social media world. When it comes to the updates on Tibet travel regulations, Tibet Travelers again shares the latest Tibet travel updates asap. Today's article is about the China Tibet group visa regulation updates from Chinese Embassy in Nepal on September 26th,

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Sep 26, 2018  0

2018 Updates on Tibet Mount Kailash

  Mount Kailash is the most popular pilgrims and travel destinations in Tibet. The mountain itself is known as the land of Buddha Chakrasambhava. ( Korlo Demchok ) In Hinduism, Mount Kailash is the land of Shivaji.  By looking at the mountain, we can even feel that it was once the center of our world like Egypt. Every year many Travelers

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Aug 07, 2018  0

2018 updates on Tibet Mount Everest

  Almost 90 percent of the Travelers who are traveling to Tibet will travel to Mount Everest North Face base camp, located at Tingri county at the altitude of 5200 meters They are few updates on Mount Everest region that Tibet Travelers would like to share with all the Travelers who are planning on traveling to Tibet.  2018 Updates on Moun

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May 11, 2018  0

Top Tibet travel news, Do you know?

  Every year more and more Travelers are traveling to Tibet. As compared to a few decades before, traveling to Tibet is becoming much more accessible every year. Top Tibet Travel News, Do you know? 1. Travelers must be on an organized Tour 2. Paved road to few highlight sightseeing 3. The railroad from Lhasa to Shigatse  4. The railroa

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Mar 02, 2018  0

Update Tibet Travel Rules and Regulations

  Tibet is one of the most beautiful regions in our world. Traveling Tibet is one of the bucket lists for many Travelers.  Even though Tibet is a great place to travel and witness the beauties but there are some Tibet travel rules and regulations. Knowing these rules and regulations will make the trip to Tibet much much easier for all the

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Mar 01, 2018  0

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