Traveling to Tibet is best decision


The place where there is stunning nature with shining white snow mountains.

Rivers, and lakes with pure clean water.

Grassland, and flowers with medicine.

Blue sky, and warm sun with fresh cool air. 

In the evening bright moon and sky are full of stars.

Tibet is the roof of our world with an average altitude of 4000 meters.

Traveling to Tibet is one of the best decisions since Tibet is the home of nature.

Nature is one of the main reasons for human survival on home earth.

Spending time with nature will naturally make us peaceful without any effort.

This is the beauties of Nature.

Nature has loved us and provided us with almost everything.

Fresh clean water comes straight from the snow mountains, helping humans to survive in the world peacefully.

Fresh cool air, which makes our mind and body refresh.  

Grassland and flowers where there is medicine, which makes humans and animals live happily with never needing to visit doctors.

These great reasons are the blessing of visiting the home of nature, Tibet.

Photo: Beauties of nature 

Another reason for traveling to Tibet is Buddhism.

The great teachings of Buddha have been started in India around 2600 years old, our great ancestors have traveled to India by foot for many months to learn the teachings of Buddha and take them back to Tibet via teaching the Tibetans.

Buddhism has changed Tibetans and has given a great impact and happiness in our life.

In the 21st Century of technology even if we have comfortable places to stay, enough food to eat. We still feel the missingness of something.

Buddhism teaches that we have provided three times food for our body but we have never provided food for our mind.

The mind plays the biggest role in the happiness of our life.

When the mind is healthy, our body naturally becomes healthy so Tibet is a great decision if you are looking for some food for your mind.


Travel to Tibet today via exploring the beauties of nature and spirituality in Tibet.

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Written By :Tenzin

Jul 30, 2017


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