Trekking in Tibet

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Ganden to Samye trek

  Trekking is the best ways to witness the hidden beauties of Tibet. Trekking is also the best ways to help the remote areas in Tibet. One of the best Trek near Lhasa is the Samye monastery to Ganden monastery Trek.  The duration of the Trek is 4 days in total. The trek will start from Drupchi village near Ganden monastery and it will end

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Sep 13, 2018  0

Best Trek in Tibet 2018

  They are many popular treks in Tibet. One of the most popular trek during the 2000-2006 was the trek from Old Tingri to Mount Everest base camp. I have done this trek with 3 German students around mid-2005 It was a great trekking adventure of 60km in 3 and a half days. At that time this trek was known as one of the best treks in Tibet with

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