Trust is the heart of Travel Tibet


Yesterday I was buying some clothes on the Internet and I found countless shops selling different clothes at different prices, it was so difficult for me to choose the exact one since I don't know them.

After doing research for around 5 hours, I have found that trust is the base of everything.

I have this feeling that they are many Travelers who are checking different websites by comparing prices and itineraries and doing research for many hours or even days hoping to find a responsible caring flexible Tibet travel expert travel agency.

In the end, it is not the few hundred dollars difference that makes the trip better, it is finding a responsible caring travel agency that matters.

Everyone wants someone who can provide a good service, and most importantly someone who can at least put his foot in another's shoes for a bit.  When I buy clothes, I don't mind paying a little bit more if I am not getting the fake quality. If that shopkeeper can keep his feet in my shoe for just a moment, I am sure he won't deliver a fake cloth since as a human, no one wants to suffer.

As a local travel agency in Lhasa, Tibet, to say everything will go perfectly is difficult since we are living in an interdependent and impermanent world. 

Photo: My few minutes of meditation at a small monastery near Lhasa

Traveling to Tibet is much different than traveling to other regions in China. The Tibet travel permit takes time and sometimes when special meetings happen, it might even get rejected but as a travel agency, we are 100 percent ready to solve any problem when Travelers are traveling in Tibet.


Now Tibet Travelers is number 2 in the largest Trip Review site ( Trip Advisor ) We are rated 100 percent reviews from more than 200 Travelers.

Trust plays the main role in everything that we do in our daily life. To find a friend whom we can trust, to find a life partner whom we can trust. To buy a car or house whom we can trust and if we go deeper, to find a master who can really take us to the path of enlightenment. 

All these things that we do in our life, we are looking for trust. I hope the above information I have shared, May a little trust grows in the heart of Travelers.

Plan a Tour to Tibet with Tibet Travelers. 

Written By :Tenzin

Apr 03, 2018


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