Tsetang is the 4th largest city in the China Tibet Autonomous Region. Tsetang is located around 190km from Lhasa towards East South.

Tsetang is one of the most important regions in Tibet since Tsetang is known as the source of Tibetan forefathers. 

The first monastery was built in Tsetang namely Samye Monastery. The first Temple was built in Tsetang namely Tradruk Temple. The first Palace was built in Tsetang namely Yumbulakang Palace. It is said that the first Tibetans were from Tsetang. The first Kings in Tibet were from Tsetang.  The first field in Tibet was at Tsetang so Tsetang plays a big role in the beauty of Tibet. 

There is around one hour ride on a fast train from Lhasa to Tsetang and reaching Nyingchi with a duration of three and a half in total.


1. Yumbulakang Palace 

Yumbulakang Palace is situated around 15km from Tsetang City. It was built around 400 BC by the first Yarlung King Nyatri Tsenpo, it is the first Palace built in Tibet.  

Photo: Beauties of Yumbulakang Palace

2. Samye Monastery

Samye Monastery is located around 50km from Tsetang and around 150km from Lhasa. Built during the 8th Century by King Trisong Detsen and Maha Guru Rinpoche from India.

It is one of the main monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism Nyingmapa sect school. One of the best Treks in Tibet is from Ganden Monastery to Samye Monastery, which can be done in four days.

3. Tradruk Temple

Tradruk is situated in the center of Tsetang. Tradruk Drolma temple was built during the 7th Century by 33rd King Srongtsen Gampo and Princess Wencheng in a week. It was built much before Jhokang Temple making it the first temple in Tibet. 

4. Chimpuk meditation caves

The cozy meditation caves of the first Tibetan Yogis in the late 8th century are located around 20km from Samye town towards the eastern mountain. Even nowadays they are many meditators meditating in this holy place. 

5. Lhamo Lhatso Lake

Located around 120km from Tsetang, Lhamo Lhatso Lake is my favorite lake in Tibet. It is the lake where we can see a preview of our future. Many people have seen some of their future deeds in this holy lake.

Photo: Ganden to Samye Trek 

6. Drak Yangzong and Dzong Kumbum meditation cave

Drak Yangzong and Dzong Kumbum are the meditation caves of Tibetan Yogis from the 8th Century till now. Located around 30-40km from Samye and around 110km from Lhasa. 

7. Kings Tomb and First Field in Tibet

Located in Nedong town, around 50km from Tsetang. Since the beginning of Tibetan Yarlung King Nyatri Tsenpo.They were many kings who ruled the Yarlung Valley. Nowadays we can visit the great tombs of some of these great Kings.

The first field in Tibet is located near Yumbulakang Palace. 

They are so many important monasteries located in Tsetang, Tibet Travelers will share in future articles. 

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Written By :Tenzin

May 19, 2023


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