Two friends Yak and Buffalo


Yak is one of the most favorite animals of Tibet and one animal which symbolized Tibet. Yak is also one of the most loyal animals. 

This is a story of two good friends, Yak and Buffalo. This is also the story of the reason behind Yak being hairy. 

Once I have read a story of two Friends, Yak and a Buffalo. Yak said to Buffalo. Dear friend Buffalo, I would love to go on vacation and my favorite place I have found in Tibet.

I heard Tibet is rich in Nature and Culture. I have heard that Tibet is the roof of the world, I have also heard that Tibet is the home of Buddhism and a great place to travel but I heard Tibet is cold so can you please hire me your hair?  I will come back soon after my tour finish in Tibet. Yak went to Tibet, traveled to many places in Tibet including Mount Everest base camp and Mount Kailash. Yak loves places that are higher altitude since Yak was a mountain lover. After spending a week in Tibet, the beauties of Tibet didn't let Yak go back so Yak chooses to stay in Tibet. That is the reason behind Yak being hairy and Buffalo has no hair.

Written By :Tenzin

Sep 15, 2017


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