Types of Tibet Tour Vehicles 


Traveling to Tibet is getting more convenient day by day. Almost 95 percent of the roads in Tibet are paved.

Types of Tibet Tour Vehicles 

They are around five different types of tourist vehicles in Tibet.

  1. Toyota Land cruiser
  2. Buick minivan
  3. Shandai minivan 
  4. Ford middle bus
  5. Yutong larger Bus

Toyota Land Cruiser

Best for private tours for 2 to 3 Travelers. There are five seats including the driver. Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the most expensive because of the engine's higher displacement volume. Nowadays the roads are all paved so it is not necessary to have Toyota for the tour. It was popular during the 90s when the roads are dusty and bumpy.

Buick minivan

There are six seats including the Driver so a Buick minivan is best for two to four Travelers. The Buick minivan is our popular vehicle for groups of four Travelers so we shared the Buick minivan photo on the cover of the article. 


Shandai minivan

Shandai is best for a group of four to six Travelers. This Korean vehicle is also popular with tourists in Tibet. 

Ford middle bus

We arrange the Ford middle bus for a group of seven to twelve Travelers. It has fifteen seats and it is comfortable. We recently arranged a Ford middle bus for our group of nine Travelers to Mount Kailash for a tour of 10 days and they were satisfied with the middle bus vehicle. 


Yutong Bus

The largest tourist vehicle transport in Tibet is the Yutong bus. We arrange the Yutong bus tour for our 30 Malaysian Travelers to Mount Everest. It has around 25 seats so we arrange one Yutong bus and one Shandai minivan. 


The central office takes great care of tourism in Tibet so every year transportation and roads in Tibet are developing faster. Only vehicles with the number plates AL (A means Lhasa and L means 旅游 Travel) are allowed to take tourists to Tibet. 

At the moment they are five different types of tourist vehicles in Tibet. If any updates come we will make sure to post them on our article.

Comfort traveling on the roads in Tibet is important for Travelers so we focused on writing this article about the types of vehicles in Tibet for Travelers. We hope the above article is useful for Travelers planning to travel to Tibet. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Jul 18, 2023


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