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Namtso Lake is known as one of the largest lakes in Tibet. Every day more than 1000 Travelers will travel to Namtso Lake during the summer from May to October end.

In the winter from November to February, it is not possible to travel to the Lake because of the snow on the high pass Largen la. ( 5200 meters)

Article Photo: Yamdrok Lake during winter

Namtso Lake 

The location of the Namtso Lake is 240 km from the Lhasa, at the border between Damxung County of Lhasa Prefecture and Baingoin County of Northern Nakchu prefecture. Nam means sky and Tso means Lake.  The Lake is the favorite Lake for many Travelers. 

Pros of Namtso Lake 

  1. Namtso Lake is surrounded by mountains and grassland.
  2. Rated as one of the best places to see the stars in the night.
  3. The largest salt Lake in the Tibet Autonomous Region. 
  4. The retreat area of many great Tibetan masters.
  5. Home of Nomads and the Yaks. 

Cons of Namtso Lake

  1. Too many tourists. 
  2. Accommodation is basic without a private bathroom and shower.
  3. Food is basic with not many options. 
  4. Road construction during September 2018 is making lots of dust and too much driving. 
  5. The day trip is too much driving with around 500 km in a day in the high altitude.

Last year many Travelers loved the tour to Namtso Lake, so Tibet Travelers was focusing on the Tour from Everest base camp to Namtso Lake. 

Video: Beauties of Potala Palace 


This year few Travelers has complained about arranging the tour to Namtso Lake. They were four different versions of complaints. 

  1. One of the reasons was too much driving.
  2. Another reason was the recent road construction which is making lots of dust along the way. 
  3. The third reason was the about the accommodation. There is only cabin style accommodation without a private bathroom and shower, so this is making difficulties for many Travelers.
  4. The final reason was too crowded with day trip Travelers.

Tibet Travelers would like to make sure our Travelers are happy with the tour in Tibet, so we have shared the complaint from the Travelers with five pros and cons of the Namtso Lake. 

For more information regarding Namtso Lake, Travelers can read our previous article on Namtso Lake. 


Lake-loving Travelers can travel to Yamdrok Lake. We highly recommend visiting Yamdrok Lake as a day tour or also connecting tour with Mount Everest.

Yamdrok Lake is rated one of the favorite lakes for many Travelers this year. There is another Lake after the Yamdrok Lake. This Lake is very green and also stunning. Travelers can also witness the beauty of the ruins of a small monastery in the middle of this Lake. Nowadays Yamdrok Lake has the Hydropower in Tibet, but Lake is stunning even nowadays. Yamdrok Lake is the only Lakes in Tibet accessible to visit even during the winter from November to February if there are no heavy snow.

Travelers can also read our previous article on Yamdrok Lake. 

Recently Tibet Travelers has focused on Ganden monastery and the Drak Yerba meditation cave as a day trip. The reason is connected with the beautiful 1-2 hours hike to see the Ganden valley and the Yerba valley. Travelers can check our private tour for more options of traveling to Ganden monastery and Drak Yerba meditation caves. 

We highly recommend Travelers to choose a day tour to Ganden monastery and Drak Yerba meditation cave to enjoy the beautiful hike in Tibet since most of the trips are traveling in the vehicle. 

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Thank you for reading our articles on updates of Namtso Lake. Travelers can also share feedback and suggestions so we can improve every day to make an excellent trip for future Travelers. 

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Video: Beauties of Yamdrok Lake


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Sep 29, 2018


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