WC Bathrooms in Tibet


WC / Toilets / Bathrooms in Tibet


As previous Tibet Travelers says, a travel agency that cares for bathrooms/toilets / WC for the travelers is the travel agency that cares for travelers. Even though we are not able to build a western-style bathroom at the moment we are discussing it. Right now explaining in advance about bathrooms in Tibet is the only care we can do towards the Tibet Travelers.


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Photo: Tibetan Squat Toilets at Mount Everest North Face


One of the biggest problems Travelers are facing is the bathrooms/ Toilets in Tibet. In Tibet, especially outside of cities like Lhasa and Shigatse, Nyingtri, and Tseteng regions, the only available bathrooms are squat bathrooms which are very normal for Tibetans but a very different situation as compared to many travelers traveling to Tibet from the west, east, and south or north.


Western Style Bathrooms /Toilets 


In most of the cities in Tibet, 





Ngari and Chamdo region, it is possible to find western-style bathrooms in many 3-4 star hotels. 


Tibetan Squat Bathroom /Toilets


Many traveling destination areas in Tibet have only available Tibetan squat toilets.

Below are a few of the destinations in Tibet which only have squat bathrooms


Mount Everest North Face Base Camp

Yamdrok Lake

Namtso Lake 

Western Tibet Ngari region


Many Tibetans are already used to squat Toilets and we prefer squat Toilets but for some western travelers, it is difficult to get used to the squat toilets in Tibet so this is the main reason for us to explain about the bathroom /toilets in Tibet in advance so travelers have some idea about it. Thank you for reading our blog. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Jun 29, 2017


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