Wechat Best App in Tibet


Before a few years ago, Skype and WhatsApp are the two most reliable social media apps for Travelers while traveling in Tibet. 

Travelers will contact Tibet Travelers through WhatsApp or Skype to confirm the tour or to share the updates on a trip to Tibet. 

These Apps were handy when it comes to contact Travelers about updates on Tibet Travel Permit, updates on the train time or flight time but since a few weeks ago when I bought the new iPhone, I can't find the Skype in the China App Store. 

I have downloaded WhatsApp, but the App is not working well recently, so I highly recommend Travelers planning to travel to Tibet to download the number one social media App in Tibet and China. ( Wechat )


Wechat company started a few years ago and now its the fastest growing App in the world. 

It is the most reliable App for Travelers with many different languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Chinese. 

Travelers can easily download the App in both phone and Ipad or even Macbook. 

The App allows sharing photos, videos, sending text messages, video chat, and making group, booking DIDI taxi in Tibet, buying train tickets or flight tickets.

Travelers with China bank account can also transfer or receive the money via the app. 

If Travelers China bank account is attached to the Wechat pay, Travelers can pay via Wechat while traveling in Tibet.

How to download Wechat App?

The most important is communication. Travelers can easily make contact with Tibet Travelers 24 hours through Wechat. 

Travelers can also make friends with nearby local via adding them to Wechat. 


Tibet Travelers highly recommend all the Travelers traveling to Tibet to download the App Wechat to make the traveling to Tibet convenient. 

The Wechat App works with wifi and 4G in Tibet. 

Tibet Travelers is not writing this article because Wechat Pay attention or something to us.

They won't pay anything to us since we are very small when it comes to them for highlights.

To make sure Travelers can contact us any time regarding the tour in Tibet is our main duty.

Travelers haven't seen us before the trip to Tibet so it is being complicated if can't reach us any time. 

Calling us through the phone is quite expensive when its international call so we recommend downloading the Wechat App before traveling to Tibet so Travelers can contact Tibet Travelers anytime.

It's the handiest App in Tibet to contact Travelers family through video chat or text message even from the Mount Everest base camp and Mount Kailash Kora trek.

Previously Tibet Travelers has shared an article about how to download and Sign up in Wechat.

Travel safe and worry-free is very important so Tibet Travelers want to make sure our Travelers can contact us any time while traveling in Tibet. 

Our Wechat ID is: tibettravelers 

Travelers can also scan the QR code on the bottom of our website to add our Wechat. 

Thank you for reading Tibet Travelers article on Wechat App in Tibet. 

Travelers can contact Tibet Travelers for more information regarding Wechat or traveling to Tibet through Email. [email protected] 

Written By :Tenzin

Oct 11, 2018


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