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Western Tibet is one of the most beautiful prefectures in the Tibet Autonomous Region. 

Western Tibet Ngari city is located around 1600 Km from Lhasa at the altitude of 4, 500 meters (14,800 ft )

Western Tibet is known as Ngari Prefecture, it is the home to mountains, rivers, and grassland. 

Western Tibet Ngari is popular for Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. 

The nearest airport is Ngari Gunsa airport, which is located around 55 km from the Ngari city with a driving duration of around 1 hours. 

They are 4 ways to travel to Western Tibet Ngari

One of the best ways to travel is via overland from Lhasa or Nepal border town Rasuwa near Kyirong town.

1. Travel from Lhasa to Ngari via overland or flight.

The flight price from Lhasa to Ngari cost around 500 US Dollar with a duration of around 2 hours 10 minutes.

The overland journey from Lhasa to Ngari will take around 3-4 days from Lhasa. Tibet Travelers arranges few different types of private and a group tour to western Tibet Ngari from Lhasa. 

Travelers can also travel as a customized tour from Nepal border town Rasuwa near Kyirong to western Tibet Ngari or also travel from Lhasa with Travelers preferred itinerary. 

Travelers can Email us for more information. 

2. Travel from Nepal border between Kyirong town and travel to Ngari.

For Travelers who are traveling to Nepal before traveling to Tibet, we highly recommend traveling to Mout Kailash and Lake Manasarovar or other sightseeing located in western Tibet via overland from Nepal border town Rasuwa near Kyirong town.

3. Travel from Nepal border between Purang town and travel to Ngari.

This route is quite expensive since Travelers have to take a helicopter or trek 5-6 days from Nepal side to the border town Purang. From Purang, there is 160 km from Darchen town before Mount Kailash. 

4. Travel from Xinjiang to Ngari via overland. 

This is one of the most expensive routes to travel to Tibet. The route includes 2700 km from Xinjiang to Lhasa. 

Travelers must hire a private tourist vehicle and Tour Guide from Lhasa, the total travel duration will be around 20 days. 

Travelers can send us Emails regarding traveling from Xinjiang to Lhasa or Lhasa to Xinjiang via overland.

Few highlight sightseeings located in the western Tibet Ngari 

Once they were many kingdoms in the Western Tibet region. One of the last kingdoms was the Guge Kingdom and the Shangshung Kingdom. We can still witness the beauty of these hidden Kingdoms.  

1. Mount Kailash

2. Lake Manasarovar

3. The Guge Kingdom and Toling monastery

4. The Shangshung Kingdom Ruins and Garuda valley 

5. Tadapuri hot spring

6. Purang

7. Pangong Tso Lake

8. Dungkar and Piyang 

9. Tsaka town

10. Northern Changtang route

11. Darchen 

Western Tibet is also one of the hidden beauties of the Tibet Changtang region. There is the Twin Lake Glacier, travelers can also enjoy the loop travel through the Northern route and travel back through the Southern route from Lhasa. One of the beautiful regions Purang, which is located near the border of Nepal is also located in Western Tibet. 

1. Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash is known as one of the most sacred and important spiritual sites in our world. It is considered as one of the sacred mountains in many religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Bon. 

Many Local Tibetans with great devotion will do prostration all the way from their hometown to Mount Kailash in a few months with a total of around 2000 km 

The trek to Mount Kailash will start from Darchen town, which is located around 1300 km from Lhasa. 

The 3 days trek duration is 52 km in total. 

The first monastery is the Dirapuk monastery.

The second monastery is the Zutrulpuk monastery.

Travelers can read more about the trekking days in our article on Mount Kailash is the most desired destination in Tibet.

2. Manasarovar Lake

Located 30 km from Darchen town and 125 km from Purang county.

There are four monasteries in each direction of Lake Manasarovar. The most popular monastery is the Chiu monastery, also known as the Bird monastery. 

Lake Manasarovar is a great place to stay a night after the trek around Mount Kailash. 

Travelers can read more information regarding Manasarovar Lake in our previous article on Manasarovar Lake.

Beauties of Mount Kailash

3. The Guge Kingdom and Toling monastery

One of the last Kingdoms in Tibet is the Guge Kingdom. Nowadays can still witness the ruins of the Guge Kingdom. Located around 270 km from Darchen towards the west with an elevation of 2,700 meters.

The town before the Guge Kingdom is the Tsanda also known as Tada and Tsaparang, which is located around 20 km from the Guge Kingdom.

The Toling monastery is located in the center of Tada town. It was founded during the 9th century by Tibetan master Lotsawa Rinchen Sangpo. Nowadays we can still witness the beauties of wall paintings. 

4. The Shangshung Kingdom Ruins and Garuda valley 

The ruins of Shangshung kingdom are located around 130 km from Darchen town. On the way, Travelers can witness the clay mountains valley with the ruins of Shangshung Kingdom.

The name of a valley in the local language is Kunglung, a valley of Garuda. The reason is the shape of the small hill which looks like a Garuda bird.

Travelers can also visit the Bon Gurugyam monastery along the way. According to the Bon tradition, Maha Siddha Padmasambhava was born in the cave near the Gurugyam monastery. 

5. Tadapuri hot spring

One of the best hot springs in western Tibet is Tadapuri hot spring. Located around 70 km from Darchen town, around 90 km from the Shangshung Kingdom ruins. 

During the 8th century, Maha Siddha Padmasambhava has been meditated near the Tadapuri hot spring. 

They are many holy sites located near the Tadapuri hot spring including the meditation cave, footprints of Maha Siddha Padmasambhava, and some special holy rocks. 

6. Purang

Purang is the border town between Nepal and India. Located around 160 km from Darchen town. 

Korchak monastery is the main sightseeing in Purang town. The monastery is famous for the statue of compassion Buddha Chenresig. 

7. Pangong Tso Lake

Pangong Tso Lake is located in the middle of India and Tibet Autonomous Region with an elevation of 4, 500 meters.

Many wild birds including the black neck crane can be seen in the Pangong Tso Lake. 

8. Dungkar and Piyang 

One of the best wall paintings is located in the Dungkar and Piyang, located around 60 km from Tada town. 

It was once the Kingdom with many retreat centers. Nowadays we can still witness the meditation caves and the wall paintings.

9. Tsaka town

Tsaka is located on the northern route of western Tibet. Tsaka is the home of salt. Before many decades the locals export salt from Tsaka town to other regions in Tibet. 

10. Northern Changtang route

The Northern Changtang route is a wide-open landscape with different kinds of wild animals including wild donkey ( Kyang), Wild Yak, also known as Drong. 

This route is also popular for the Nomadic culture and stunning landscape with many different sizes of Lakes. 

Few of the towns located on these routes are Gertse, Gekye, and Tsochen. 

11. Darchen
Darchen is the starting point of the kora to Mount Kailash located at an altitude of 4, 500 meters.
From Darchen Travelers can travel to the nearby monasteries including Gyandrak monastery, Sera long monastery as a day trip.
From Darchen it is not possible to see the view of Mount Kailash, Travelers can hike to Gyandrak monastery or inner kora to have stunning views of Mount Kailash.
Four Rivers from western Tibet Ngari 
Since western Tibet is home to many mountains including Mount Kailash, Mount Gurla Mandala, and Mount Bonri. Many of the rivers from western Tibet are coming from these mountains. 
1. Singge Kapap - River coming from Lion's mouth. 
2. Macha Kapap- River coming from Peacock's mouth. 
3. Tachok Kapap- River coming from Horse mouth. 
4. Langchen Kapap- River coming from Elephant mouth. 

The best months to travel Mount Kailash is from April end to mid-October. 

Tibet Travelers arranges a Private tour, Group Tour, and Customized Tour to western Tibet. 

Private Tour 

16 Days Private Tour to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar

16 Days Private Tour to Namtso Lake and Mount Kailash to Nepal Border 

Group Tour 

16 Day Group Tour to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar

14 Day Group Tour to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasasarovar via ending the tour at Nepal border Rasuwa between Kyirong town.

Customized Tour 

Customized your own Tour

These are the few pieces of information regarding western Tibet.

Travelers can also read another article on Mount Kailash is the most desired destination in Tibet.


Western Tibet is the home of the holy mountain Kailash and holy Lake Manasarovar.

Western Tibet is also the home to nature and wild animals.

The above reason is making western Tibet a popular travel destination for both Spiritual and Materialism lovers. 

Tibet Travelers highly recommend all the Travelers to travel to western Tibet and witness her beauty with Tibet Travelers. 

Travelers can send us Emails regarding traveling to western Tibet. info@tibettravelers.com 

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Sep 12, 2017


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