What is the source of Happiness?


Everyone in the world is running after ( Happiness ) and trying to run away from suffering. 

Happiness is a big subject, and it is the reason the modern world is going on the track. Otherwise, all these marketing sales and social media can't survive if no one is seeking happiness.

All these Like, Comments, Shares, and Follow are trying to tell us that they are happy but we trap for more. 

All these gadget companies are trying to tell us that having this or that and an update can make us happy and yet we are suffering for the next updates.

It is difficult in the modern world to run after happiness.  Still, we have to know that happiness is the reason we are surviving even in difficult times since the word happiness is related to the word hope.  The only reason humans have survived from the beginning of civilization until now is that of happiness. 

To look after happiness is smart, but we have to know the right way to find it because most of the time, our so-call happiness is the unripe suffering, another thing is happiness and suffering are inseparable.

If there is no rain, we won't see the rainbow. If there is no night, we won't appreciate the sun, so because of suffering, we understand the value of happiness. 

Great Scholar says: Everyone is looking for happiness yet everyone reaps the cause of suffering.  

Now we are getting closer to the source of happiness. As long as we discuss the word ( Cause and Effect ) we are going to understand the true meaning of happiness source. 

Happiness is an essential subject since Travelers are also looking for happiness, and that's the reason travel to Tibet.


We can say many times that Tibet is the roof of the world. The closest to the sky. The best places to see the stars. The most beautiful place and the home of nature yet for many Travelers nothing changes after the tour to Tibet. 

Not all Travelers are happy after the tour to Tibet, so we have to ask the question.

Why after traveling for more than 10000km from home to Tibet didn't give us happiness? The answer is simple. All these times, we are looking for happiness through a cause coming outside of us. We didn't look for the source of happiness which is inside us all the time.

It is similar to planting the leaves of a tree to have a new tree instead of planting the root of the tree. Even if we have found the root of the tree. We still need water, soil, and the proper temperature to let the tree grow since we are living in an interdependent world. 

Even if Travelers can travel to Tibet, we still need good weather, an excellent guide, a safe driver, and a Traveler with a healthy body and mind to make the trip great. 


Interdependent means nothing exists alone. If there are no Travelers, there is no travel agency. If nothing exists alone, everything is impermanent so interdependent is inseparable from the impermanent.  Impermanent means everything is changeable by any cause or condition. That is the reason everything gets value because of changes. 

From the beginning of the century, many great scholars teaches us how to be happy yet only a few share the source of happiness which is connected to the interdependent and impermanent.

Most importantly connected to the source ( The mind


The mind is the source of happiness. When our mind is in a happy mood, just staying in our house will keep us happy. When our mind is in a suffering mood, even traveling to our favorite place will make us unhappy. 


The mind is the source of happiness. When our mind is stable, nothing can shake us, so our happiness remains with us where ever we go. 

Traveling to Tibet does give some changes to our mind, but the most significant changes will happen only if we learn to master our mind.

Being Positive about everything.

Meditate for short times every day.

These are some of the best ways to master our minds. If we become the master of our minds, we will become the master of happiness. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Oct 05, 2018


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