When is the best time to travel Tibet?


Many Travelers are planning to travel to Tibet and it is very important to know the best time for travel to Tibet. 

Before sharing information about the best time to travel to Tibet.

Tibet Travelers would like to share the months which are possible to travel in Tibet. 

According to the Tibet Travel Permit situation of previous years, Travelers are allowed to travel Tibet from April 1st onwards till around the beginning of next year's February. 

The best time to travel to Tibet is actually when nature is starting to be beautiful but most importantly when they are fewer Travelers. 

Normally we recommend our Travelers to travel from April mid till the beginning of July. Another recommendation will be from mid-September until October end. 

For Travelers who love to travel to Mount Everest North Face base camp, one of the best months is during May when the weather is clear most of the time, that is the month when climbers will come to Mount Everest because of good weather. Tibet Travelers also recommend Travelers to travel in the beginning of June and mid of September until November for fewer Travelers and good weather. 

One month that Tibet Travelers mostly don't recommend our Travelers is August.

August is one of the busiest months with so many Travelers. The reason behind this is many Chinese Travelers and schools in China have a holiday in August and another reason is the Yogurt Festival in Lhasa. This is the month Lhasa will be fully crowded with mostly Travelers from China.

Even though nature in July, August, and September are green with all the fields are grown July, August, and September are considered as one of the most crowded tourist seasons in Tibet. Price will become more expensive during these months so for Travelers who would like to travel during these months, we recommend traveling at the beginning of July or mid-September.

Nyingtri is where nature stays green most of the time.

For travelers who love to travel to Nyingtri Eastern Tibet, the best month to travel will be the beginning of April so Travelers can witness the beauties of Cherry flower trees. Other months are a good time to travel to witness the green nature but Cherry flower tree's beauty will be hard to witness. Travelers can also fly from Chengdu to Nyingtri airport as an option.

The Winter season in Tibet starts from October end until the beginning of the next year's March.

For travelers who love more local Tibetans and winter, we recommend traveling from November to next year's January.  Some places in Tibet are not possible to travel during wintertime because of the snow, especially Namtso lake and Mount Kailash so Tibet Travelers recommend Travelers to travel Namtso lake or Mount Kailash from April mid to the mid of October. 

Tibet Travelers recommend Travelers to travel in April, May, June, beginning of July, mid-September, and October to witness the beauties of Tibet with fewer Travelers as the best time to travel Tibet. 

For travelers who would love to trek in Tibet, we recommend trekking at the beginning of June, mid of July, August, September, and the beginning of October. 

Thank you for reading our article on the best time to travel to Tibet.

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Written By :Tenzin

Jan 28, 2018


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