Why choose Tibet Travelers as Travel Agent?


Since traveling to Tibet is an unforgettable lifetime journey, every traveler should ask questions about why you are choosing this travel agency to Tibet? 

Few reasons for asking a question Why choose this travel agency?

1. They are many non-local Tibetan travel agencies claiming as local Tibetans via using locals photos on the website, they claim many to gain Travelers trust and many of them lack love for stunning nature and spiritual beauties of Tibet.

Tibet Travelers not only focus on making money, but we also do our best to help the locals. 

Recently I have met a local Tibetan student from a poor farmer in the countryside village, still in high school but because of the economic problem in the family, student has to study and work in vacation time so elder sister in university can finish the college and get a good job in the future to help her self and hopefully the parents. 

The student told me that it is stressful to take responsibility for the whole family during such an early schooling time. Tibet Travelers is helping for few months of university fee since education is one of the most important and best ways to improve the life of local Tibetans, this is one of our first steps. We have bigger steps ahead.

One of the most important decision is to choose a true local Tibetan travel agency who is helping the local community, choosing true local travel agencies will help to preserve the beautiful local culture including the dialects and language, this beautiful local culture is also the beauties of our world, it's good to keep these beauties for future generations. 

2. One of the most important values for the Tibet Travelers is the service of the tours in Tibet, a caring Tibetan travel agency. Many travel agencies are ranking high in Google but that doesn't mean they offer a better service for the tours in Tibet. These travel agencies will spend around 500 - 1000 US dollar or more on SEO and promotions per month and that is the main reasons for them to appear on the front page of Google when you type anything related to Tibet tour or travel but in reality, these travel agencies business is too good that they don't care each and every one of the travelers like Tibet Travelers do and they will charge higher prices for the tours since they are paying big money for SEO and promotions. Tibet Travelers spend zero money for SEO promotions, we are proud to share our deep knowledge on Tibet Travel through our 14-15 years of Tibet tourism experiences via our weekly update blog and reviews from our previous humble Tibet Travelers.

3. Some travel agencies offer very low budget tours that the quality of the tour is very poor that if a slide problem comes, no any travel agencies can guarantee that everything is going to be perfect, if any problem occurs like Guide English is poor, vehicle smelly or hotel not clean, there is no any way to fix it or make it flexible and they don't care much for the travelers since they know their profit. Tibet Travelers agree that it is lots of time and money to travel to Tibet from your hometown which is far from Tibet but paying few hundred USD less and having a very bad English speaking Tour Guide will make you regret about choosing that travel agency and will ruin your whole trip and whole thought on Tibet. Every traveler who travels to Tibet will have lots of expectations but low budget prices tours have very poor service that we have seen some travel agencies don't even come to pick the travelers from train station or airport and travelers is there not knowing what to do and where to go and it's a big stress, Tibet Travelers take full care via picking our travelers on time and arranging good English speaking Tour Guide, if travelers are not satisfied with our Tour Guide or vehicle or driver, you have options to change before departing from Lhasa, also similar to hotels, sleeping is so important for travelers since only if travelers sleep well then the next day you will enjoy the sightseeing so where ever it is possible to change hotels at the same budget, Tibet travelers are happy to change it for travelers and also will apply for vehicle and driver the same so paying a little bit more is a lot worth when it makes your trip once on a lifetime journey. 

After sharing few of the techniques used by travel agencies to gain the trust of Travelers, below we are going to explain about why choose Tibet Travelers or same meaning, which is the benefits of choosing Tibet Travelers.

The 1st benefit of traveling with Tibet Travelers

The first benefit of booking your tour to Tibet and traveling with Tibet Travelers local Tibetan owned Travel Agency is you will meet the General Manager in person upon arrival in Tibet, which doesn't happen with many travel agencies. This shows that the Tibet Travelers cares for every traveler who travels to Tibet with us, meeting the General Manager gives a chance to fix the problem right away and it gives a big trust that you have met the person who is in charge. This can also make communication much easier. This can also help to know who owns the travel agency since nowadays many nonlocals have Tibetan names, many Tibetans prefer western name. If the General Manager doesn't care for each and every one of travelers who choose his or her travel agency then there is no any reasons to book with them.

The 2nd benefit of traveling with Tibet Travelers

Tibet Travelers arranges a tour with good English speaking and caring Tour Guide, safety and happy Driver and comfortable Vehicles as much as we can to make sure your trip is a memorable one. Tour Guide and Tour Driver plays the biggest role in the quality of the trip, that is one of the main reasons Tibet Travelers prefer to pay a higher salary to our Tour Guide and Tour Driver to make sure our travelers are satisfied. That is also one of the reasons Tibet Travelers tour price is a bit higher than other travel agencies since making the price lower can affect the quality of the Tour Guide, Tour Driver, and Vehicle, which are the main reasons for making the tour unforgettable.

The 3rd benefit of traveling with Tibet Travelers

Some travel agencies General Manager had never been to any places outside of Lhasa, so they know nothing about Tibet, they had been reading the information on website and they give you that information and its most of the time outdated, some travel agencies Manager even can't reply to an Email from a client in a direct and exact way because of the lack of English and these are wasting your time and also money since if the Travel Agent doesn't know Tibet as a childhood friend, if the Travel Agent can't reply to your Email properly, they are not qualified to be a Travel Agent. If you choose Tibet Travelers, Tibet Travelers General Manager is Tibetan who knows Tibet much better than any outsiders. Our General Manager Tenzin Dhondup is born near Mount Everest region, he had been working in tourism of Tibet since the year 2003, he traveled almost all the places in Tibet as a Tour Guide, porter, translator to travelers and climbers, including few times kora around Mount Kailash as a Tour Guide, so Tibet Travelers know Tibet very well, that helps to give you the quick and exact information on travel to Tibet with good English, which saves your time and makes your money worth spent. 

Photo: Tibet Travelers at Mount Everest base camp 

The 4th benefit of traveling with Tibet Travelers

Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzin Dhondup is listed in many editions of one of the most trustable travel guidebook Lonely Planet. Even Lonely Planet writers were a good friend of our Manager Tenzin Dhondup. In the lonely planet 2010, Lonely Planet writer Bradley had interview our Manager on nightlife in Tibet and there is an article about MC Tenzin, which is the stage name of our Manager Tenzin Dhondup, Tenzin Dhondup has been thanked by lonely planet writers in guidebook editions as Tenzin or Big Tenzin for sharing the information on traveling to Tibet. 

The 5th benefit of traveling with Tibet Travelers

Until now, Tibet Travelers is rated 100 % Excellent by our precious previous travelers, we are proud to show our reviews on trip advisor. Thanks to our precious travelers for choosing Tibet Travelers, enjoying the trip and showing love.

The 6th benefit of traveling with Tibet Travelers

Tibet Travelers also promote healthy speech about love and preserving nature, we spread the love on social media, this is one of our recent statement from our Manager Tenzin Dhondup 

( Whether we are Buddhist or Muslim, Hindu, Jain, Christian, Nonbeliever, in the end, we are a human being. Even a human being is a label created, so we have no reason to fight for anything but reasons to love many things.

Whether we are living in East, in South, West or North, in the end, we are living on Earth, which is our only home so we have no reason to pollute our home but reasons to clean and take good care of our home.) 

We are not only focusing on making the money but also to preserve our world with friendship and love so that is one of the reasons we don't only promote tours but also promote healthy speech, hoping it can at least change our world to better a bit.

The 7th benefit of traveling with Tibet Travelers

Tibet Travelers will make sure to take good care of you as a friend or you can take us as your first family in Tibet, if you need any help in Tibet, Please do not keep anything inside, any problem, tell us right away, Please look for Tibet Travelers right away by calling from the Tour Guide or reception phone to our General Manager Tenzin Dhondup. We are happier if you tell us the problem so we can fix it right away and make your trip better next. 

The 8th benefit of traveling with Tibet Travelers

They are few more benefit to share like we do our best to make sure travelers see something outside the tourist zone so that travelers money is worth spending, from our experience, Big hotel, lots of tourists can be seen everywhere but we understand you have spent lots of time and money to travel to Tibet so we do our best, if possible to show travelers outside the tourist zone.

The 9th benefit of traveling with Tibet Travelers

No any hidden cost and No shopping Commission in the tour, all the tours arranged by Tibet Travelers has no any hidden cost, we take great responsibility to make sure to explain to our travelers about all the inclusive and exclusive in the price so our travelers have no any bad feelings or shock feelings when travelers arrive in Tibet. We never arrange tourist Commission shopping trip for travelers.

The 10th benefit of traveling with Tibet Travelers

Finally, we would like to thank you for choosing Tibet Travelers, choosing Tibet Travelers means choosing Tibetans and helping Tibetans. This will help to preserve the local culture, most importantly the dialect and language, which are the source of a beautiful culture since beauties of Tibet are also the beauties of our world.

Thank you for reading our article on why choose us.

Travelers can contact us regarding your journey to Tibet. We will make sure to arrange a great trip for you in Tibet. info@tibettravelers.com

Written By :Tenzin

Jun 26, 2017


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