Why Tibet Travelers Group Tours?

Group Tours are the favorite option for Travelers traveling to Tibet.

100 % of the Travel Agencies in Tibet are focusing on the Tibet group tours.

The only difference between Tibet Travelers Travel Agency group tours and the rest 99.99 % Travel Agencies group tour is the size of the group tour and the vehicle of the group tour

99.99% of Travel Agencies focus on a group tour with a minimum of four people and a maximum of twelve people. 

Tibet Travelers Travel Agency focuses on a group tour with a minimum of one person and a maximum of six people. 

99.99% of Travel Agencies arrange minivan and middle buses for the group tours. 

Tibet Travelers Travel Agency arrange Toyota land cruiser Prado and minivan for the group tours.

Tibet Travelers group tours are best for Travelers having deep value on comfort.

We offer prices that differ from one person to six people. 

Starting from 2019 June 1st, if the size became two people only, we will 100% arrange the Toyota land cruiser Prado vehicle for Travelers.

Five highlight benefits of Tibet Travelers Travel Agency group tours and group treks

1. Tibet Travelers travel agency focuses on knowledgable, excellent English and a great service Tibetan Tour Guides.

2. Tibet Travelers also focuses on safety experienced Tibetan Tour Driver with a comfortable, clean vehicle.

3. All the tourist vehicles in Tibet have to be the number plate 藏AL meaning Tibet Tourist. Tibet Travelers arranges the top three vehicles for our Travelers. 

For two and three Travelers we focus on arranging the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. (Second best tourist vehicle in Tibet)

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

For four to six people, we will arrange the newer version of the minivan. (Third best tourist vehicle in Tibet)

Photo: Minivan new version Hyundai 

For our Tibet luxury VIP tours on the website, we arrange the best car in Tibet, Toyota Land Cruiser VX 4.0 (The first best tourist vehicle in Tibet)

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser VX 4.0

4. Tibet Travelers also focus on arranging comfortable 3-4 star hotels near the center of Lhasa's old town. There are always options to change to similar price hotels as a flexible option for Travelers.

These are the reason there is a price difference between Tibet Travelers Travel Agency group tours and the rest of the Travel Agencies group tours.

These are also the reason for choosing Tibet Travelers Travel Agency Tibet group tours. 

5. The profit we have earned from the tours, we also focus on the project to help the locals in Tibet.

Travelers can read our 2019 recent project of 319 warm jackets for students, five warm coats for the cooks, and a box of 10 pencils for the nearest Primary school from the Everest area at Pasum village.

This is the reason we pride ourselves in sharing the project as a joint project of Tibet Travelers Travel Agency and the Travelers choosing Tibet Travelers. This is our together gift to the local Tibetans. 


Traveling to Tibet is a lifetime journey. Small things can make a big difference in the trip to Tibet. 

Tibet Travelers group tours and group treks are more like a private tour value, yet there is a chance to make friends with one or two more people and also full focus on each traveler. 

Our group tours and group treks are the smallest sizes in Tibet so as compared to big group tours, and treks from other travel agencies, our group tours, and group treks are less noisy with lots of flexibility. 

Sometimes we are unable to find one or two more people, yet we arrange the group tours for two people as a private tour with excellent service. 

A few hundred dollars more will make a significant impact on the value of the tour.

We highly recommend Travelers to choose our high-value two to four people group tours and group treks in Tibet. Email us today for your journey to Tibet. info@tibettravelers.com 

Written By :Tenzin

Apr 29, 2019


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