Why Travel To Tibet?


They are so many questions before traveling to Tibet and one of the most important questions is why travel to Tibet?


Before answering this question.  Tibet Travelers would like to share the full form of Tibet.

This is one of the main reasons to travel to Tibet. 


T: Tibet 

I: is 

B: beautiful

E: even

T: today



1st Reason for traveling to Tibet


The first reason for Traveling to Tibet is nature. families of high mountains, cousins of rivers and lakes, friends of vast green and yellow grassland, making Tibet the home of nature. 




Tibet is known as the roof of the world, where many great mountains of the Himalayan range are located, including Mount Everest (8848M) the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Makalu, Mount Cho Ou Yo, Mount Lhotse, since these 4 mountains are located in the middle of both Tibet and Nepal, there is one mountain above 8000m fully planted in Tibet is Mount Shishapangma.


2nd Reason for traveling to Tibet


Many places in our world are now developing very fast and it is hard to find a place where we can still visit people in traditional clothes, villages, and houses in traditional colors and nature still peaceful and calm so Tibet is a must-visit destination.


3rd Reason for traveling to Tibet


Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar are located in Tibet, Mount Kailash is known as the holiest mountain in the whole world for many religious followers including Hindu, Buddhists, Jain. Every year many pilgrims will travel to Mount Kailash with deep devotion and after the blessings.


4th Reason for traveling to Tibet


Tibet is the home of Mahayana Buddhism, this beautiful culture of seeking the truth has been flourished in India many centuries ago and even can be seen nowadays, now it has already flourished in Tibet with the blessings of our great ancestors who have traveled to India and Nepal with lots of hardship, their diligent is the blessings which we can see even nowadays in Tibet. This is one of the main reasons for Travel Tibet. Tibet is the center of Mahayana Buddhism.

With the blessings of our great ancestors, great monasteries from different schools of Tibetan Buddhism including Nyingmapa sects, Sakyapa sects, Kagyupa sects, and Gelukpa sects can be seen even today, the great stories of Tibetan masters, great yogis who had meditated in the caves high in mountains can be visitable for blessing so Tibet is a must-visit place if you have fallen in love with Buddhism.


5th Reason for traveling to Tibet


This should be put as first reason, 2 of the most important shrines of Buddha Shakyamuni, which are believed to be around 2600 Years old and got blessings from Buddha himself, brought to Tibet by the Nepalese princess Birikuti's (Jowo Mikyo Dorje, 8 years old) and Tang Dynasty Princess Wencheng's (Jowo at 12 years old) are in Tibet. It is said that there are only 3 such shrines of Buddha in the whole world that got blessings from Buddha himself and the final one is in India at Bodhgaya (35 years old Jowo). These great shrines are making Tibet more beautiful, more precious, and must-visit destinations.


Photo: Beauties of Potala 


6th Reason for traveling to Tibet


Potala Palace is also one of the main reasons to visit Tibet, Potala Palace beautifies Tibet, especially Lhasa. Potala Palace was built in the 7th century and reconstructed during the 5th Dalai Lamas time and in the year 2017, Potala Palace is still stunning and Spectacular.


Tombs of previous Dalai Lamas and the design of the Potala and the shrines of Compassion Buddha are some of the main relics in Potala Palace. These are the reason making Potala Palace the 1st destination for all kinds of travelers from the whole world. 


7th Reason for traveling to Tibet


Tibetan people, Tibetans are the most friendly and humble human beings, we are not writing this because we are Tibetans, these words are said by many travelers who have traveled to Tibet. Smiling on the face all the time, drinking tea, and enjoying the sun are the daily life of Tibetans. Maybe one of the main reasons for this is Tibetan Buddhism which has given so many blessings to Tibetans that Buddhism became part of us all the time.


8th Reason for traveling to Tibet


Tibetan local food, Tibetan momos, Tibetan Hotpot, Tibetan noodles, sweet tea, and butter tea, these are must try one time in your life.


Photo: Beauties of nature 


9th Reason for traveling to Tibet


Tibet is one of the best places in the whole world to see the sunrise, sunset, and stars at night. One of the main reasons is Tibet is located at a very high altitude and another reason is there is less light in many places outside of the city, which gives a chance to see milky ways and beautiful stars, and if the time is right then the full moon.




They are so many other reasons to travel to Tibet.

For the time being, these are some of the main reasons.

We will share more information in later blogs.


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Written By :Tenzin

Jun 25, 2017


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