Winter Travel


Winter Travel starts from the beginning of November to the end of February.

Three benefits of Winter Travel

  1. Fewer Tourist and more local 
  2. Chances of more snow-white
  3. Big Discount   

1. Fewer Tourist and More Local 

I would like to say that winter is actually one of the best times to travel to Tibet. The reason is the fewer tourists and more local people.

Most Travelers would like to avoid the noise of large crowds while traveling in Tibet but it is inevitable during the summer because of accessible transit Trains and Flights, most travel routes will be crowded from April to October so we highly recommend traveling in the winter from November to February as the golden months to travel.

2. Chances of more Snow-white

Most Travelers love Snow while traveling to Tibet and winter is the best time to witness the beauties of Snow. The chances of snowing in the cities are high during winter. The snow will make nature stunning!


3. Big Discount

During winter most of the Professional Tour Guides and Tour Drivers will be free so it is also a great time to travel and have a great service. We offer a big discount of 200 USD per person for all our TOUR during the winter. 


Even though winter is a great time to travel, we still recommend Travelers bring warm clothes as it is cold in winter. In the night will be minus 10-15 but almost 85 percent of tour accommodations offers warm heating mattress during the night to keep warm.

The big bonus is the more local people during the winter. The new year comes during winter so many locals will come to Lhasa for shopping and it is a great time to witness the warm charm of locals.

There are almost no foreign tourists during winter so that will also make your tour special. The places you visit will be peaceful and noise-free during your tour.

We highly recommend Travelers to travel during the winter and witness winter travel beauties. Email us today for a tour of Tibet during winter.

Written By :Tenzin

Nov 14, 2023


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