Tidrum Nunnery & Drigung Til Monastery -1 Best Hot springs

Tidrum Nunnery & Drigung Til Monastery -1 Best Hot springs

For those who have a spiritual connection with traveling, we suggest visiting Tidrum Nunnery and Drigung Til Monastery. These locations offer a one-of-a-kind experience. Additionally, if you're looking for a way to unwind, be sure to take advantage of the nearby hot springs, which are a popular attraction.

Tidrum is a renowned Nyingma Kagyu Nunnery situated near famous local hot springs. It is located 140km away from Lhasa and just 14km from the Drigung Till Kagyu monastery. Out of all the places in Tibet, Tidrum Nunnery is one of my personal favorites.

1. Hike to Guru Cave

One activity to consider near the Tidrum nunnery is embarking on a two-hour hike to reach the Dudul Puk meditation Cave, which is also known as the Evil Conquered Cave of Guru Rinpoche. The hike itself is enjoyable, and once you arrive at the Cave, you have the opportunity to meditate and receive blessings.

2. Blessings near the Cave 

  1. The hair belonging to the Dakinis.
  2. The stone bears the distinct spiritual marks of hands and footprints.
  3. Water that is both refreshing and sacred.
  4. Passing by many meditation houses of nuns.

Yogini Kandro Yeshe Tsogyal's meditation cave is located near Guru Rinpoche's. She was the consort of Guru Padmasambhava and became a wandering Yogi at the age of 16 in Tibet at Samye during the 8th century.

3. Tidrum Nunnery Hot Spring

In Tibet, there are numerous hot springs available, and among them, the Tidrum Nunnery hot spring is considered one of the finest. The calmness of the hot water is noteworthy, and there is a partition that separates the hot springs for men and women. There are four small pools, with two reserved for males and females respectively, while the other two are shared. Males and females can use the Shawa (Deer) hot spring together.

Tidrum Hot Spring

Photo: Tidrum Nunnery Natural Hot Springs.

4. Accommodation at Tidrum

There are four guest houses available, which include the nunnery guesthouses. The rooms are simple and do not have a private bathroom or shower. The Tibetan-style toilet may pose a challenge for some Westerners. If preferred, travelers can opt to stay at the House of Shambhala in the Lhasa branch hotel, located 8km away from the nunnery. This hotel provides private bathrooms, showers, and a hot spring pool.

5. My day hike with the locals

The trek from Tidrum to Ding Chen Nunnery takes almost two hours. Ding Chen Nunnery is a serene place with only a few Nuns. Inside the Nunnery, we can receive blessings from the beautiful statues of the Drigung Kagyu sect Masters and Maha Guru Rinpoche. The Nuns are very kind and modest. We ascended from the Ding Chen Nunnery to the highest point of the trek, which is approximately 5000M. From the pinnacle, we could see all the mountains in the vicinity. Before arriving at the pass, we meditated for a few minutes to obtain the Yogis' blessings. After the pass, we descended all the way down to the Drigung SomTok Monastery. While descending, we had to hold the rope as it was very steep.

Photo: Short Meditation on the way.

6. Drigung Til Monastery

Located in Meldro Gongkar County, Drigung Til monastery can be found approximately 140km east of Lhasa, with a travel time of 3-4 hours by car. Tidrum nunnery hot spring is just 14km away from the monastery. The main monastery of the Drigung Kagyu branch of Buddhism in Tibet is called Drigung Til Monastery. This monastery is renowned for having the best sky burial (Tu Troe) in all of Tibet. Within the Kagyu school, there are four primary Dakpo Kagyu schools and eight sub-Pagdru schools.

Four primary Dakpo Kagyu schools.

  1. Karma Kagyu
  2. Barom Kagyu
  3. Tsalpa Kagyu
  4. Pagdru Kagyu

Eight sub-Pagdru schools

  1. Drigung Kagyu
  2. Drukpa Kagyu
  3. Taklung Kagyu
  4. Martsang Kagyu
  5. Shugseb Kagyu
  6. Trophu Kagyu
  7. Yamzang Kagyu
  8. Yelpa Kagyu

The Kagyu tradition is renowned for its emphasis on meditation and retreats.

7. History of Drigung

Je Kyopa Jigten Sum Gon, a prominent Tibetan master who was a disciple of Je Phakmo Drupa, founded Drigung Til Monastery in 1179. The Prophecy from a female Yak named Dri and the monastery was established with her blessing.

Photo: Drigung Til Monastery.

8. Beauties of Drigung Kagyu

During his time in Tibet, Je Kyopa Jigten Gonpo was highly esteemed and had numerous disciples. On one occasion, he dispatched 5,555 Bodhisattvas to practice meditation at Jetsun Milarepa's Lapch retreat area.

9. Drigung Powa Chenmo 

Every twelve years, during the year of the monkey, the Drigung Powa Chenmo teachings are held on the significant ground by the river from Drigung. The beauty of Powa teaching is attaining enlightenment in one lifetime without meditating, so it is considered very precious.

10. Caves near Drigung

Near the Achi Temple, one can find three renowned caves for meditation.

  1. The meditation cave of Drigung Kagyu founder Je Kyopa Jigten Sum Gon.
  2. The meditation cave of Drigung Kagyu master Pachung Rinpoche.
  3. The meditation cave of Gelug founder Je Tsongkhapa.

11. Drigung Female Protector  

The Drigung Kagyu has been blessed by Achi Choedon, who is a female Bodhisattva at the 10th level and is considered a protector deity. The shrine dedicated to Achi in the temple is quite stunning. Additionally, Drigung is well-known for its practice of sky burial.

Drigung Til monastery

Photo: Drigung Til Monastery.

12. Conclusion

We're so glad you took the time to read our article about Tidrum Nunnery and Drigung Til Monastery! Thank you for checking it out. For additional details about Tidrum, please refer to Lonely Planet.

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Written By :Tenzin

Oct 23, 2017


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